Sometimes a book, or even just a line, chapter or passage within a book can stick with us long after we’ve read its final page.  We asked some of our favorite community members to tell us about a book that’s had a meaningful impact on them.

Gianna Biscontini, M.A. Ed.H.D., BCBA | Executive Wellbeing Advisor, Behavior Analyst & Writer

Into The Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon’s Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart, by James Doty, has had the biggest impact on my life by a mile. It’s an incredible account of his life and the vehicle by which he learned about mindfulness and, later, all forms of compassion. I read it at a time in my life where I was looking for more meaning in my work and was feeling very unclear. Without knowing the state I was in, a friend gifted me the book and I read it in a matter of days. Read more>>

Mark Carter | Photographer, Yoga Instructor and Sound Healer

I love a good story, especially experiences that describe one’s pursuit of meaning and reveal in the process, the resilience, creativity, determination, and triumph of the human spirit. Christian Beamish’s book, “The Voyage of the Cormorant,” is all that and more. I first encountered “The Voyage” after it was released in 2012 and have read it multiple times since. Written autobiographically, Beamish recounts his adventure of solo sailing for 65 days along the coast of Baja in his handmade 18-foot Shetland Isle beach boat. Read more>>

Rachel Cross | Freelance Business Coach & Marketing Consultant

Braving the Wilderness by Bréne Brown. I love all of Bréne Brown’s work but this is my favorite. She dives deep into why and how some people are able to “belong to themselves” and stand up for what they believe, even in the face of uncertainty and opposition. I often look back to a journal where I wrote down my favorite passages from the book for inspiration and guidance. Read more>>

Ting Kristine Dumpit | Registered Nurse and Makeup Artist

A book I’ve read which I love and highly recommend is The Champion’s Mind How Great Athletes Think, Train and Thrive by Jim Afremow, PhD. Even though this book is about how great athletes think and train, I use this information in my daily life. I apply the information to set a goal and push myself to do my best to get it done. This book gives examples of how to improve your performance in anything you do through practice and training. Not only physical training, but also mental training such as showing up and pushing through even on the toughest days. Read more>>

Marzieh Saffarian | Artist and Speech Pathologist

One of my favorite recent books is “Americanah” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. In short, it is a story about a woman from Nigeria who moves to the United States to attend college and her perspective of the new world around her. The book deals with racism, sexism, and what it means to be an immigrant in the United States. To me, this book was profound on so many levels. I’m an Iranian-American who grew up in the United States, and I found myself relating to many of Ifemelu’s (the main character’s) experiences. Read more>>

SEJ . | Contemporary Realistic Painter

The most recent book I have been reading is called Figuring by Maria I thoroughly enjoy and love starting my day by reading a little from the pages that have so much inspiration and strength to offer and a fascinating history of wo-mankind. The book presents experiences and fascinating snippets from history encompassing great lives such as that of Maria Mitchell, Ada Lovelace, Margaret Fuller, Caroline Herschel to name a few. Read more>>

Nonie Cruzado | Visual Artist

There’s this book called ” The Art of Uncertainty” by Dennis Merritt Jones. I just grabbed it from a bookstore more than five years ago when I first came to the US. As an immigrant fresh off the boat, the title caught my attention. I never heard of the author before but because I have this habit of making decisions intuitively I purchased the book. The book is about taking risks, embracing changes, the growth beyond our comfort zones and to be at peace even during uncertain times. I like how the author saw wisdom from everyday scenarios and how he shared those lessons thru his book. Read more>>