We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Tyler Whitmarsh | CEO/Founder/Beekeeper

We’re a family of beekeepers tending to our honeybees for over four generations. Our family raises our own honeybees traveling with them from farm to farm pollinating our nations agricultural. We work directly with our farmers providing the best fields/groves for our bees giving them an abundance of nectar. Throughout the generations, we’ve pollinated fields in CA, CO, WA, MO, ND, and SD providing pollination for all kinds of fruits and vegetables. We strive to provide you all with the highest quality raw honey and beeswax nature has to offer. With every product that we sell, 1/3 goes directly back to the bees. #savethebees Read more>>

Bri Young | Surf Instructor & Entrepreneur

We prioritize our local community of young women and female surfers. We’ve created a space that is inclusive and open to community building events and creativity. Our surf camps and retreats are designed to empower and encourage women through surfing together and learning new skills. Our goal is for women to leave Outer Surf feeling more confident and inspired than before they walked through our doors. Read more>>

Mindy King | Flea Market/Event producer

With climate change and the future of our planet in danger, the popularity of vintage has soared. Fast fashion, fast furniture and dollar store culture is creating a big mess and our landfills and oceans are floating in waste. Re-using and repurposing items made years ago out of quality materials that have stood the test of time, is the socially responsible thing to do. Read more>>

Steve Slocum | Founder and president of Salaam, author of award-winning Why Do They Hate Us? Making Peace with the Muslim World

The mission of the nonprofit I founded in 2019, SalaamUSA, is to bring people together across the human barriers. We focus on the San Diego/Tijuana/Kumeyaay borderlands region. We help our community by facilitating meaningful interaction between human groups that mainly look at one another from a distance. We do this in three steps: Read more>>