We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Tanya Farmakis | Owner of Farmakis Farms

Being a family-owned business we take pride in everything we do. Family is the most important thing to me and it comes first. That mindset carries over into my business world as well. I come from a long line of farmers from my father’s side of the family in Greece. Farming has been in our blood for years so Farmakis Farms only made sense, especially since the word “farm” is in our last name, right? Read more>>

Linda-Marie Miller | Experiential Speaker, Trainer and Coach

Easy Question. I am the only one of what I do. I am provocative, vulnerable and authentic and I’m not concerned with “looking good” when I talk about Real subjects. I have been called an “Inspirational Interrupter” and a “Visionary Provocateur”. Read more>>

Ellice (Lisa) Halpern | Mediator and Attorney

One factor is kindness. The other two factors are rapid response and competence. When a potential client first contacts me, he or she is typically under great stress because there is some kind of dispute that needs to be discussed. It could be that the client needs to get divorced or is a business partner having issues with the other business partner. Read more>>

Danielle Levsky | Clown Educator, Performer & Producer

I’ve developed two types of courses that are unique in methodology and subject matter, which I think is the most successful part of my brand. I’m able to offer my audiences something they’ve rarely, if ever, experienced and encountered. In my course Clown and Traditions in Judaism, we learn about the history of humor in Jewish tradition, the spiritual symbol of the Holy Fool, the role of ritualism in clowning, and what clowning looks like for the Jewish community in the 21st century through physical theatre exercises, story creation/adaptation, vigorous discussion, text questioning, and more hands-on learning. Read more>>

Sam Calrton | Software Engineer helping SaaS teams master healthy customer growth

Understanding the value you provide: What your value is, how much you can charge for it, and all the methods at your disposal to capture profit from that value. Clients and customers will talk about how expensive you are and then pick the most expensive option you offer them. Listen to their actions before you trust their words. Also, always offer multiple options. 3 is a good start. When your customers consistently pick the most expensive option that you provide, they’re communicating something with their actions that they would never tell you with their words: You should charge more. Read more>>;


Well, I can’t narrow it down to one factor, it takes so many. My community, my family, faith, risk and gratitude. Those are the main factors that immediately come up for me. They are my foundation for me to be to a vessel to create. I am honored and blessed to say that I have a very supportive and loving community of friends and family that are both in my field and outside of it. They have challenged me, help me grow and pour into me when I can’t see it in myself. Shoutout to God, my heads and my ancestors for always keeping me and my mom’s prayers. Read more>>

Matt Wallaert | Applied Behavioral Science

I believe deeply in T-shaped careers: many broad horizontal interests, one area of deep vertical expertise. So while I’ve worked in many different industries and across a lot of different roles, it was always with that very particularly focus on applied behavioral science as a method for creating change. That specialization really has been key to being successful. Read more>>

Seth Struiksma | Realtor and Founder, The One Group

Like with many industries, real estate is a business about relationships. The more positive relationships a realtor has, the more opportunities there are for referrals or business connections. Because, the fact of the matter is, you don’t always know what’s going on in a person’s life or how you might be of service to them. But for me and my company, The One Group, relationship building on social media has been the true game changer in our success. Read more>>

Byron Harden | Owner and Director

Being a problem solver and truly understanding the community in which I serve. As well, being a member of the very community I serve. In the spirit of clarity, being a blind man in todays time helps me to have a real understanding of the problems, barriers, and stigmas we face when encountering the world as we know it. Being that the unemployment rate is above 50% within the blind community that alone shows that there is fundamental issues to be addressed. Do to all the technological advancements we should be much further along as it pertains to inclusion for all. Read more>>

Grant Cohen | Fan Controlled Sports and Entertainment, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer

In 2021 Fan Controlled Sports and Entertainment’s (FCSE), Fan Controlled Football (FCF) set out to democratize professional sports creating an unprecedented immersive live fan experience for digital age fan. Led by Southern California natives Co-Founders’ Sohrob Farudi (CEO), Patrick Dees (Chief Gaming Officer), Grant Cohen (Chief Growth Officer) as well as Ray Austin (Commissioner of FCF) created the first ever fan controlled professional football league. FCF is the only professional sports league that empowers fans to make key decisions for their favorite team, including calling plays on the field in real time. Read more>>

Nadeshda Hernández, LMFT, CHt | Pscyhotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EFT Tapping Practitioner, Law of Attraction Coach, Parapsychologist, Creator of a Sex Positive Boardgame

The most important factor to my success is spiritual, energetic, emotional alignment with my higher self. Vibrational tuning to my essence (joy, love, fun, passion…) facilitates the process of believing in abundance, my sense of worth (that I deserve and can have what I want simply because I exist), and intentionality around the details of my practice. Read more>>