We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Kelly Lenahan | Personal Trainer and Powerlifting Coach

My goal as a personal trainer and coach is to create more confident and healthy women both mentally and physically. As an online coach I’ve been able to create a diverse community of women who encourage and uplift one another while pushing each other to do better. Through changing one life at a time for the better, I’m able to slowly impact communities globally. Read more>>

Dr. Danielle Daniel | Doctor of Psychology, LCSW

As a mental health therapist, I knew I wanted to offer a holistic approach for those seeking solutions for their emotional well-being. I was raised using nature for my health and when I came into my career I knew I wanted to share my passion for nature and emotional healing with the world. I loved essential oils and I saw their potency in research on how they interacted with the brain so I knew this could be a viable therapy tool for every clinic, hospital, therapist, treatment center and family out there seeking a holistic approach. The problem was, no one had ever combined mental health and aromatherapy before. Read more>>

Chris Honadle | Farm Owner

With the heightened anxiety of the Covid 19 communities are looking for places to go locally to get there supplies. Here at Amor Mi Vida Farm has restructured our business to bring our goods that are produced on our property to the local community of Ramona. Read more>>

Thera Storm | Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist

My business is dedicated to providing grievers a safe place to be honest about their feelings surrounding loss. When a person feels heard and validated, they are more likely to recover from the pain and isolation. When we feel better we are more likely to engage with others, feel motivated to thrive, and make healthy choices. Read more>>