We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Gemma Rickolt | Founder: Advocate [The Label]

The foundation of Advocate [The Label] was built around our vision to end human trafficking. Through intentionally designed capsule pieces, we are taking a bold stand by raising awareness and supporting survivors with every piece of clothing sold. Our mission, is for the women who wear our clothes to be part of the story – a chapter in the book – of how we, as a collective force, end human trafficking, Read more>>

Chloe Jackman | Chief Hype Womxn / Bad Ass Photographer

At the core of Chloe Jackman Studios we value community. We are a Black, woman-owned business in SF Bay area – representation matters! We work with a variety of nonprofits and community organizations to offer beautiful images that they can use to promote their services and continue to thrive at a price point that is affordable for them. Most of these orgs are centered around youth with a focus on BIPOC children and the vibrant futures they deserve. Read more>>

Olga Lah | Site-specific Installation Artist

The way our surroundings are constructed and designed influence how we think about ourselves and our community. So curating art for public sites and in institutions matter and have a reverberating impact. I’m particularly drawn to building site-specific installation work because it draws connections between the visitor and a space. Installation art can invite a different way of looking at the context and memory of a location. It can create a heightened awareness to the environment and an immediacy to a moment in time. In my work I’m constructing an encounter that reflects on our presence in the world and the meaning of our everyday lives. Read more>>

Emily Dingmann | Nutrition Expert and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

The big WHY of my business is to help the next generation of kids grow up with a healthy relationship to food. So many of us have struggled with diets and disordered eating and it’s something I don’t want this generation of kids to go through. Read more>>

Ameen Beydoun | Artist, Teacher, Surfer

Since I’m an artist I’ll be telling you about how my ART is intended to bring social impact: I am the son of a Lebanese-Americans, the son of an artist, the son of an anthropologist. Storytelling is the tool I use to try and make a difference in the tiny worlds I live in. I began my most recent project by designing-out something I was excited to write – children’s fiction, visual, socially impactful, educational, Lebanese, African, American, mythological. Habibti Pada was born: a story of a ten-year old African girl who immigrates to the Middle East where she wrestles with a new language, a new culture, and new monsters from Arab mythology. Read more>>

Diana Sophia Virissimo | Yoga Lab Owner

My community is one of the biggest reasons I have decided to embark on this business adventure. I live in an area where there aren’t very many yoga studios and the studios that are here don’t offer quality control of their classes. Ever since I started teaching in this area of San Diego my following has grown and I’d like to think that it’s because of the time and dedication I put into planning my classes. My goal as a yoga teacher is to not only offer clients an amazing work out but also inspire them to make healthy choices that align with whatever goals they’re trying to achieve. Read more>>

Aaron Gragg | My name is Aaron Gragg. But, please refer to the band Chunky Hustle Brass Band”.”

The Chunky Hustle Brass Band began as a protest band with a palette of New Orleans street funk and R&B. We gathered like-minded musical citizens to bring the energy of national movements to the streets of San Diego. It began for us in 2017 when, unprompted, we joined in the Equality March. Later, community organizers would reach out to us asking for our uniquely galvanizing style of participation. In the following years we’d play at the Women’s March, March to Vote, and the historic BLM protests of 2020. Read more>>

Larissa Vitoria | Theta Healer, Multidimensional Healer, Hypnotist, Childbirth Educator, Doula & Belly Dance Instructor

Everyone is looking for happiness, joy, health, balance, abundance, and prosperity, and that is what we bring to our clients and students. Sessions and tools to clear everything that is blocking them to be the best version of them-selfs and to manifest anything that they want in their physical reality. With our tools, we release old patterns and beliefs that were imprinted for many generations in their DNA and we create a new pattern in the subconscious mind on a cellular level that can completely change their lives and the lives of the next generation. Read more>>

Daniel Sunwölf | Media Entertainer & Philanthropist

I aspire to bring awareness to my community by creating media in a way that is both informative and entertaining to digest. This way, the observer can learn about a topic, matter, a skill or even get some advice with a positive intention that supports them. They will feel calm and have an ¨aha¨ moment with themselves. The best thing is that the piece of content (art, photo, video, text) will feel as if it were coming from a personal friend of theirs thanks to the warmth and genuine intention. Read more>>

Brooke Pechman | Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist | OCD, Anxiety & Trauma Specialist

My practice is dedicated to supporting others who suffer with OCD & Anxiety Based-Disorders, Eating Disorders & trauma. I feel passionate about helping individuals build awareness, insight and create opportunities for change. I see therapy as a life-enhancing participation in self-understanding, self-realization and self-compassion. When someone can recognize the maladaptive patterns and behaviors that are limiting them, they can start to create a more fulfilling and meaningful life. With so many of these disorders thriving in isolation and shame, I find it more important than ever, given the last few years, for people to have the opportunity to be feel both seen and heard as well as guided through a way out. Read more>>

Brian Feretic | PlantDaddy, Scientist, Musician, & Surfer

For about 6 years now, I’ve been really into plants. It was extremely rewarding to nurture a living thing, watch it grow, and flourish in my care. Not only did this endeavor feel therapeutic, it gave me more purpose in life! Deep in my new passion, I sought to share this love with other like-minded plant people who would want to offer care tips, swap cuttings, show-off their favorite plants, and overall just nerd out together and bond. Read more>>