We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Byron morgan Artist name: B-Rell | Musician and entrepreneur

I feel like we need to spread more love and positivity in the world. The brand defines that and not only do we believe in these characteristics but we put those morals into action. There’s a reason we choose L.S.P and the three words Love, Success and Progress. It’s relatable and something that when pushed in the right way everyone can get behind it and move with that passion in there day to day life’s. Read more>>

Brooke Packard | Model & Influencer

As a model I not only am passionate about art and fashion, but also raising awareness about domestic violence & dating violence in our country. As a survivor of an abusive relationship, I feel it is my purpose to use my platform to share my truth by breaking my silence against domestic violence & dating violence. I feel it is imperative I share my journey in order to raise awareness and educate our youth so that they have the tools necessary to recognize abusive traits before falling victim to the abusers control. Read more>>

Jill Gibson | Owner & Director of The Ballet Company

We have all felt the stifling effects of not being able to move “normally” recently. For dancers, movement is essential. We need it to feel sane, to feel needed, to feel of value. Helping others to feel something through movement, with no words, is something truly special. Finding joy through movement is this innate thing that people are born with. You can see joy from a young age in babies when they move. When they hear music, elderly people struggling with dementia and alzheimers are able to find memories and move their bodies in ways they otherwise cannot. Movement is pretty incredible. Picture a wedding…for whatever reason, the “Happiest day of your life” commences with a dance party. Movement is life. Movement unites us, movement heals us, movement MOVES us. Read more>>

Edgar Merino | Soccer Coach/Trainer

Social impact: How does your business help the community or the world? In creating my business San Diego Premier Training, I not only took on the responsibility of physically developing a young generation of future soccer players, but mentally preparing them for real life. Putting myself in the position of coach and trainer, I hold myself accountable to higher standards. Showing this age group (5 to 15) how success is earned through the discipline of hard work and commitment is a difficult task and one I take seriously. I built my business on the premise of helping youth discover their potential as soccer players and am also committed to building future successful leaders in our society. Read more>>

Atur & George Gilou | Co-Founders

Bethel House Garden impacts the community in a healthy and positive manner. Our organic garlic dips offer nutritional value towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle, being that they are organic, vegan, non-gmo, and preservative free. We love donating our products to various people, groups, and churches. Read more>>

Patricia Cué | Creative Director at Mingei International Museum

Located in San Diego’s Balboa Park Mingei International Museum collects, preserves and exhibits “Art of the World, Art of the People”. It sparks relevant and stimulating conversations about folk art, craft and design from all eras and cultures while inspiring its visitors to imagine and express their own creativity. The museum’s recent renovation digs deeper into its mission combining the principles of creativity, delight and broad access. The $55 million dollar renovation is centered around the human experience, with the unticked Commons Level offering visitors the opportunity to see objects from the museum’s permanent collection, shop at the museum store, grab a coffee at Craft Cafe or dine at its full-service restaurant Artifact (opening October 2021). Read more>>