We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Christine Chiu | Pharmacist and TRU Leaf Labs founder

Being a Pharmacist, my primary focus is the wellbeing of patients’. This fundamental need to “take care” touches every aspects of my professional and personal life. When I founded TRU Leaf Labs with my daughter, we were obsessed with finding the purest form of CBD that’s backed by science and clinical medical journals which took almost 2 years. Seeing my CBD products help thousands of patients gives me tremendous motivation and gratitude for putting their health in my trust. I try to make a difference in people’s lives one session at a time. Our numbers of customers grew organically by word of mouth and I believe that’s the most honest and trustworthy way of growing a business. Our CBD products are only compounded by a Chemist, licensed Compounding Pharmacy Technician and myself unlike other products which are mass-produced by non-medical workers. Read more>>

Denise Arco, Nha Truong, & Margot Salgado | The Babes Who Study

The Babes Who Study helps the community/the world because we help encourage women in the pursuit of their goals, especially as they pertain to higher education. We also aim to dismantle hustle culture and promote a healthy lifestyle. We believe that advertising healthy work/life boundaries and modeling authentic self-care reminds women of the importance of their mental health as they pursue their educational and career endeavors. We work towards encouraging other women in their studies and foster a space that promote a holistic lifestyle by serving as mentors, providing productivity/study hacks, college success tips, and mental health resources/wellness tips. Read more>>

Stacey Messina | Garden Designer & Virtual Coach at Seed & Trellis

Seed & Trellis offers various services to Southern California families who are excited about making a healthful lifestyle choice for themselves and the environment.  We help you personalize your grow menus and garden designs, removing the confusion and overwhelm of starting a kitchen garden so you can learn to grow herbs and veggies effortlessly.  The garden, specifically an edible kitchen garden, has the ability to make long-lasting impacts in all of our own spaces and community.  We are on a mission to teach as many people as we can how to grow food all year long while caring for the soil it grows in.  One garden at a time, we are making a positive social impact with each plant we care for and learn more about. For example, learning to grow your own herbs and lettuce in a container or raised bed dramatically reduces plastics brought home from the grocery store.  Choosing to plant native pollinators offers a safe refuge for beneficial insects protecting them from pesticides and harmful fertilizers.  Diverting our food scraps and garden waste away from the landfills into a home compost or worm bin can significantly impact zero waste. Read more>>