We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Pam Davis | Photographer

No doubt in my mind that Savoring The Sweet Life Photography is successful because of my customer service and the fact that I want to be a friend and each client’s photographer for life. (And I have hundreds of 5 Star Client Testimonials that tell me I’m correct….YAY!) I make sure each and every interaction is upbeat, helpful, friendly and prompt – I also work really hard to make everything easy – from scheduling, to choosing a location (I have lots of samples to help you find the perfect place, to choosing outfits (I have an easy formula to help the whole family look great, and then during our portrait session (or wedding day) I keep the vibe lighthearted and FUN. (Believe me, portraits don’t need to be stiff and awkward!!!) I believe the purpose of a portrait is to capture how you look and feel at that moment in time – so we have to keep things fun! Read more>>

Tiffany Gullberg | Founder & Director

That I am extremely passionate about what I do and the benefits yoga give to children. I am not just a business owner. I am still in the studios teaching lots of classes still because I love it so much. Read more>>

Amy Serrano | Electric Violinist & Educator

The most important factor behind my success is continued implementation of growth in all areas of my career. Read more>>

Rob Martinez | Founder & Co-CEO

Without a doubt, our team and thriving culture are the most important factors behind our success. We affectionately refer to our associates as “Shipwarriors”, and each provides our clients with the best service and results in our industry. We focus on HIRING right, not only making sure we have the right person to hop on the Shipware bus, but that we understand their behavioral needs and drives to ensure we find the right seat for them on the bus. Prospective hires aren’t even interviewed if there isn’t a strong match between their drives and the successful behaviors required by the position. We’re all about employee ENGAGEMENT. We’ve developed several employee-led Committees, and we provide lots of opportunities for feedback. Read more>>

Chris Redner | Sales at PromoShop Branded Products

Respected for quality, that is what separates me from my competition. Quality products and services. I spend the time to qualify my clients so based upon their feedback I am able to get to know them and to also provide solutions to make their project or event a success. They get to know me and appreciate that I do what I say I will do. My business is all about helping others succeed so what I do for them works and they receive the results they are looking to achieve. PromoShop understands that our clients entrust us with their brand. This has significance to us on many levels: quality, compliance, customer loyalty, program success, and sales. We take ownership of that responsibility and commit to fostering success, security, and pride in brand identity. Our dedicated team members are equipped to provide the experienced support to develop and deliver products that are on spec, on time, and on budget. Read more>>

Ron Bocian | Drummer

This is the easy question in a difficult realm. Very simply, We decided to pick our own notes. In other words, all of us are fluent on our instruments, which means we can deliver a vast array of sound. We decided early on that we would perform original music. Although quite often difficult to engage a pedestrian listener we just wanted to feel an authentic connection to the music. We knew we were not interested in re-inventing music to an extreme…leaving people slack jawed, or just play covers…so the happy medium was familiar song structure, with hooks, and nuanced percolating rhythms. That is not to say we don’t take chances…we have songs built around a 6/8 pseudo-Afro rhythm…or a New Orleans Louis Prima style mambo or rhumba… or a Brazilian rhythm…combine that with a pop tastiness of Big Star or the Beatles and we find the pedestrian listeners are drawn in. Read more>>

Chris Soriano & Hillary Manalac | Director & Producer

The most important factor behind our success is being able to balance each other out and bringing the best out of each other’s work ethic. The crazy, spontaneous, shoot-from-the-hip type is Chris, and the calculated, number crunching, plan developing person is me (Hillary). Together we make massive progress. Read more>>

Kim Tran & Leeanne Heathcote | Founders

The single most important factor behind our salon’s success is our unwavering commitment to our core values. We anchor ourselves within the community and lean in for inspiration. Read more>>

Aviva Stanoff | Textile Designer & Sparkletunity Enthusiast

In a sea of monotony and products I have learned it’s best to march to your own drum. as a designer, I have learned that the most important factor to my brand is that we continue to bring products to market with intention. the intention to engage, educate, innovate, and delight. we hope that by setting trends rather than following them is what will continue to set us apart. there are ways to redefine what is in our home space – there are ways to bring products to market that does not impact our precious earth negatively, hurt animals, and be mindful of materials used and share the stories of who made them. the aviva stanoff brand has been successful because we have shared our journey transparently with our tribe of fans along the way. we have grown together with our community and have enjoyed every moment of it – through moments of adversity as well as moments where we all shine together. Read more>>

Amy, Susan Green & Meyers-Pyke | Partners & Owners

We feel our success has come from a positive, forward thinking mindset. We don’t overthink, we just “do” and know where we want to go. We have always kept it real, keeping the ego out of the way and focus on the client’s end result. -Amy Green. “I believe the keys to my success is planning and goal setting and then working that plan. Staying positive,  being a good problem solver, and surrounding myself with good people who have a different skill set than me. Collectively we are amazing.” – Susan Meyers-Pyke. Read more>>

Amanda and Christopher Dahl | Reiki Master Teachers, Practitioners, Biomagnetic Therapists & Coaches

Serving from the heart has been the most important factor to our success. We know what it is like to live with chronic illness, so in our business we compassionately share what we know to bring our clients to that place of health and peace by holding space for them, listening, and honoring them as they heal. Read more>>