We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Lianna & Chrissy | Co-Owners/ Estheticians

Whenever anyone comments on the growth and early success of our business through the wild west times that we call a pandemic, we always point them back to the cornerstone of our business—Jesus. Our deep rooted faith has taught us the importance of practicing daily humility, grace, and perseverance in our partnership– which all in all strengthens the foundation of Honest Skin. We know that our faith in God and who He is has led us to make some pretty bold moves during trying times. Along with paying tribute to our faith, we stand behind acknowledging how what we do affects the lives of others around us. We value our role in contributing to the livelihood of our families— it’s the heartbeat of our workplace. Read more>>

Donna Giraud | Contemporary Abstract Painter

I think the most important factor behind my success as an artist has been my ability to put in the work. And I am not talking about actually painting the artwork. Rather, it is the attention to the details, the constant pivoting when times change, trying new and creative ways to get in front of new clients and never being satisfied with just doing the bare minimum. When you take the extra time to make the whole experience something the client will remember, this is how you find success. Read more>>

Jeff and Danielle King | Licensed B General Contractor / Residential & Commercial Builder and remodeler

One of the most important components of this business is honesty! As a general contractor the money is there and the people are vulnerable. Therefore, its my responsibility to not take advantage of them in a moment of vulnerability. For instance, often they have a leak, or mold or just want to be able to call their house a home by their design. If you believe home is where the heart is you want to protect it and make sure who you allow inside is reputable and mean you well. One of our most prevalent mottos, “Kingstruction, on time and on budget”. Read more>>

Megan Armstrong | Embodiment Teacher & Healer

How deeply can you listen & trust yourself? This is the question I’ve been asking myself everyday for the past year. This question & how I arrive each day to answer this question is the the fertile soil that sprouts the many layers of success within my business & life. Everyday I am met by the numbers in my bank account, the clients I am holding space for, the amount of members in my online community, the voices inside my mind & eyes of others watching me as I build this business. The pressure to ‘succeed’ can become heavy. When it does . . . I find my breath, I move my body, I ask myself ‘how deeply can you listen & trust yourself?’. As the waves of calm ground me, I remember success to me is nothing that can be quantified by numbers or expectations. Success is a feeling in my body – that I am worthy, radiant & nothing but magic upon arrival. Success is me embodying the mission & vision I’ve been called to birth into this world. Read more>>