We had the good fortune of connecting with Christine Germain and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Christine, what do you attribute your success to?
The most important factor behind my success is my passion to promote diversity In literary fiction. As a woman of color I’ve always been taught that if I had a dream that I wanted to fulfill than I can make that come true.

And pursuing a career in writing is what led me down the path to success. The unique stories that I create and the multicultural characters I display in my novels is what makes me stand out.

As a self publishing Author I have found a love for marketing and creating content for “The Brother’s Curse Saga” which attracts book lovers to my social media pages and which also adds to a growing number of books I’ve sold in my first year of Publishing.

My beliefs are if you can be consistent everyday with your goals and find different ways to innovate yourself and your brand than you will gain success immensely.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?

It was a Sunday night in 1993 when I decided to stay up past my bedtime to watch the TV premiere of Stephen King‘s “Sleepwalkers,” a movie that was nowhere near suitable for a twelve-year-old child to watch. I was a fan of horror and supernatural films, and of course, I could not resist. A story about a male antagonist and his mother, both feline shape-shifters who hunts young virgin girls to take their soul and preserve their existence. Sounds cool? Hell yeah, it does!

And at that moment, I closed my eyes and envisioned myself as the female protagonist in love with a handsome shapeshifter demon who was out to kill me. Would I be the damsel in distress, the heroin? The girl that gets lured to her demise by a manipulative monster who sought to terrorize the simple life she led? There were so many ideas that raced through my mind. Then it hit me.

What if two brothers were after me to hunt me down to resurrect their demonic father in a church where they had a curse put on them? By George, I think I just made up my story. I would go on and name it The Brother’s Curse.

The story is about the main protagonist, a young Haitian American girl name Crystal Francois that moves back to her small, eerie supernatural town of Lakeview Falls a year after her parent’s brutal murder.

Sharing the deed to her house with her younger sister, Crystal finds herself in an unhappy situation where she is brushed off by her so-called loving boyfriend and then witnesses the horrible deaths within her circle of friends. But everything changes when she meets Jason Warwick, the mystery house sitter who moves across the street from her.

Everything seems to go well with writing the story, except at twelve, I missed something essential to the story. There were a few plot holes. I started the story in 1993 and finished it at the age of eighteen in 1999. I knew down the line I wanted to publish the story traditionally, but it was concise and not novel worthy to any well-known publisher’s eyes.

I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do with my story. At nineteen, I decided to put the $1.99 notebook away in a dresser draw and leave it alone. I went on with my life working hard, having fun, and living the best life in my twenties. One day at the age of thirty, I decided to rewrite the story, but my dreams suddenly shattered when I lost my home in 2012 to hurricane Sandy. Not only did I lose everything I worked hard for, but I also lost The Brothers Curse notebook.

What was I going to do? I had eleven years of writer’s block, and the moment I was ready to take a chance, I lost the story I loved and created as a child. I cursed and cried. And then I sucked it up. I had to be thankful that I didn’t lose my life that day when my apartment emerged in saltwater. I thought to myself. Can I write this story again? Can I find the missing ingredient that I have longed for twenty-two years ago?

The answer is Yes. I can, and I did. In the summer of 2018, the 37-year-old Christine decided to take a chance and rewrite “The Brother’s Curse,” only remembering 40% of the story. I was at work, and one-day, floods of ideas came rushing into my head all at once. I then went to the 99 cents store and bought myself a $1.99 notebook again and wrote every thought that came to me.

In the process of rewriting my novel, I met a wonderful girl I befriended at work, and she was in love with Chakra stones. I used to be mesmerized at her bracelets and necklaces. She one day explains to me what they were about and the type of energy they give off. I asked her where I could find a Chakra stone necklace, and she told me they were unique shops in the city, or I can find them online. I didn’t think twice and headed over to Amazon and typed in Chakra stones, and the first thing that popped up was the Amethyst stone necklace.

Immediately I was hypnotized by the purple Crystal, and then a light ball popped I my head. I said—that’s it! That’s the missing ingredient. It’s the Amethyst stone. The brothers’ only way to resurrect their diabolical father is by reviving him and other entities from the pendant.
I was ecstatic that I finally had what I needed to write my story. From that moment, I wrote every day from August 2018 to January 2019 and finished my first draft t of The Brother’s Curse, then I went on to write the sequel (book 2) then the Trilogy (book 3), which I finished in March of 2020.
I am beyond happy to have completed a three-book series. The long journey as a writer has not been easy, but I can say that with God’s grace and him showing me my path, I can share my stories with the world. And for that, I am genuinely grateful.

What sets apart my novel from other horror stories is that The Brother’s Curse is not only about the quest of two brothers hunting down a necklace to resurrect their sinister father. It’s a story about a young woman and her will to survive. It is also about the strength of friends and family who are willing to go above and beyond to save the ones they love. Sometimes we feel as though we are alone in a cruel and unloving world, but there is always someone there to lift us even at the lowest time in our lives. To guide us and show us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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I would love to give a shoutout to my amazing Mom because without her I would have never discovered my passion for writing at the age of 11.

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