Success.  It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards.  We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what practices, characteristics or habits lead to success?

Jenn Malecha | Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Health Coach & Business Mentor

The most important factor behind my success as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Health Coach, and my brand (W)holistic Health Boss has been sharing my personal health journey and delivering exceptional customer service to the people I am fortunate to work with. When clients come to me they usually want to know 3 things; do you know what’s wrong with me, can you help me and have you helped others like me. By sharing my personal health story, and the stories of my clients with them I’m able to show them what is possible for their health too, and they take comfort in knowing others have gone before them and succeeded. Read more>>

Katherine Evans | San Diego Wedding and Family Photographer

The most important factor behind my business that makes Katherine Beth Photography successful, are the genuine relationships created and maintained with vendors as well as clients, both current and potential. Knowing who my client is, has made a world of difference in my business. It’s taken a while to get to the point of finding my “Dreamies” (an Erin Youngren term), but now that I’m secure in who my client is, I’ve been able to dive deeper! I get to know my clients on a more personal level, enabling me to serve them at my upmost. Read more>>

Ka’imi Kuoha | Women’s empowerment leader, martial artist, stunt & action choreographer, and mother

As a self-defense trainer, what makes me successful is the success of my students. Many of them come to me with no martial arts or even athletic training. When I show them what they are capable of and teach them skills they can use in real-life situations, I see their confidence grow. As we practice drills together, they get stronger, more focused, and they push the boundaries of what they thought they could do. It is always my hope that they never find themselves in danger, but I know that if they are attacked, the skills I teach are effective. Read more>>

Kush Kapila | Entrepreneur

Being persistent. Our business is a simple concept but a logistically challenging business. When we started out each step of the way, from the financing and the buildout to hiring the right people and acquiring clients, had barriers and roadblocks and many opportunities for us to give up. We persisted and eventually “figured” out how to run a scalable mobile business. Read more>>

Nada Adjadj | Owner & Creative Designer of Chocolate Favors company

The most important factor behind SoBelle Favor’s success is the uniqueness of our products. Unlike your typical business model we do not have competition. Other industries generally provide a common product or service; however, SoBelle Favors does not market any standard products; rather each favor is customized and uniquely crafted to meet each client’s request. Read more>>

Bettina Hanna | TV Director/ Filmmaker

I think it’s hard to point out only one thing about the trajectory that led me to the success in my career. I would say there are 3 things: I truly love what I do, I’m a hard worker and could easily stay 16,17 hours on set without complaining and I don’t care much about egos, neither mine or whoever I’m having to deal with. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect people, it is completely the opposite, I have much respect for everyone I work with, I call everyone in my staff by name and I honestly don’t think I have to treat differently a famous actress than a production assistant. Read more>>

Vince Obarski | Owner/ Meadmaker

Twisted Horn decided to follow a path much less traveled when we decided to get into the business of manufacturing alcoholic beverages. As San Diego County has been so saturated with breweries and traditional wineries, we decided to think outside the box and bring back a beverage that was almost completely lost over time, MEAD. With that, we wanted to put our own spin on the more traditional way of crafting it and customize it to tailor more towards what could be called the Southern California palate. Read more>>