Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Zack Krone | Benefit Auction Specialist and Fundraising Consultant

California Coast Auction consults and conducts specifically and solely for non profit and scholastic based fundraisers. These charity events generate hundreds of millions of dollars per year for local schools and non profit services. Read more>>

Jennifer Susan Jones | Mixed Media Artist & Arts Writer

During the pandemic, when I was unable to go to concerts or get together with friends, I found that walking and hiking in nature took on a greater significance for me. I have always loved the outdoors, but now it was more: the trees against the skyline, the outdoor air, and, most importantly, the sights and sounds of the birds above my head. Nature was literally helping me keep my head up despite all the negativity in the news. It was at this time, while being swept up in nature, that I finally joined our local chapter of the Audubon society and enjoyed a bird walk event they put on. I was also looking to do some charity work after being inspired by a benefit concert my fifteen year-old daughter had been a part of. She and her band raised a little over three thousand dollars for Food Share and it had made us all light up inside. Read more>>

Henkel Smith | Co-founder, Offset Alliance

Social impact is one of our guiding principles and is something that sets us apart. Our mission is to lower global CO2 emissions and involves a lot of partnerships with carbon offset projects and organizations around the world. We’ve chosen to work only with those that can demonstrate social benefits in addition to delivering environmental benefits. One example is our project in Zimbabwe, Kariba-that not only reduces global CO2 levels through verified conservation and reforestation, but is run by the local community and promotes key UN Sustainable Development Goals such as clean water, gender equality, and economic growth. Read more>>

Kevin Ledo | Muralist and Contemporary Painter

The goal of my public murals is to have a social impact on the communities they are created in. The majority of my murals are meant to reflect the community in some way, often celebrating cultural or ethnic diversity, social justice or environmental awareness, with a positive and colourful image. The impact is hard to measure, perhaps directly unquantifiable, but the impact of mural art on communities and local business tends to be positive, bringing attention and pride to an area that many times has been in neglect. Art goers and unsuspecting pedestrians gather to take in mural art, forming a point of interest and landmark for the neighborhood. Read more>>

LP Ǽkili Ross | Fine Artist & Creative Director

My business is reflecting the divinity in ordinary people and things. I create art with the intention of causing people to stop and reflect and think more deeply about life. My subjects and content are mainly Black and Indigenous folks and their spirituality and I think my favorite subject/content combination is capturing a relatively mundane moment in someone’s life, which is why I build my work off of actual photographs, and adding so much complexity and passion to the scene that it becomes an almost surreal experience to witness through the art. I think the world needs to see these experiences represented more often and with more celebration. Read more>>