We had the good fortune of connecting with Paula Sturm and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Paula, what’s the most important thing you’ve done for your children?
I have a 9 year old son and I believe the most important thing I have done to impact him is allowing him to feel safe and confident in his expression. Allowing him to be curious without judgement and explore his interests freely has developed his confidence and ability to trust his instincts. He’s also more apt to confide in me and have open conversations because he feels he can trust me. I have also fostered an environment where it’s advised to try new things but perfection is never the goal, it’s more about exploration and learning. However, these things are never forced, I prefer things he does to be his idea even if initially the idea was stemmed by me. Even his desire to eat a healthy foods was never forced by me. He started out as a very picky eater and overtime he became more and more adventurous to where now, he eats or at least tries everything he’s exposed to. He actually turns down fast food and candy and says he prefers healthy food, like salad, soup, veggies, and lean meat. All I did on my part was be a role model of these behaviors and serve these foods without a requirement to eat them. No stress, no forcing, no drama. Just trusting the process and knowing he will make the decision on his own time….and he did.

What should our readers know about your business?
My practice is here to help people overcome digestive issues and restore their gut health. My philosophy is that all health starts with the gut, so even people who don’t believe they have gut issues may have some imbalances in their gut if they have a chronic health issue or an autoimmune condition. My passion with gut health started with my own health issues that emerged starting with gut discomfort, body aches and pains, fatigue, skin issues, brain fog, among other things. I scoured the possibilities of what could be going on but it wasn’t until I addressed my gut health with a stool test that I discovered my root cause of the issues I was experiencing. Addressing those things made the difference in my health and it’s been my passion ever since. I understand the lengths someone will go to get their health back in order. I’m here to shorten that path. Along with gut health, hormone health falls in line with importance in how someone feels. I address gut and hormone health with specific testing that gets into all the details so we can narrow down the issue and get to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Oftentimes, weight gain; fatigue; bloating; acne; autoimmune conditions; and chronic inflammation can be dialed back to gut and hormone imbalances. In our times now, our immune health is paramount. Guess what, 70% of our immune health is in our gut so making sure our gut health is in tip-top shape will set our defenses up to make sure we can tackle the invaders in our paths.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Honestly, I love eating at home because I make some darn good food ­čÖé But, if I want a night where I don’t have to cook I love going to Juniper and Ivy, such interesting food that I could never make at home. My favorite place to go hiking is Torrey Pines State Park, you can not beat the views, the sun, and the fitness. Beachside, Moonlight beach is my fave!!!!

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Shout out to my mentors Deanna Minich, PhD, CN; Susan Allen, RD, CCN; Transform Destiny; High Impact Coaching; and Fit365 Founder, Kyle Brown

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