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Hi Jevaughn, what role has risk played in your life or career?
At the end of summer August of 2018 is where my Ultimate Journey had begun. It started with a Heart break that hit me by surprise & when a man heart is broken it’s not easy to heal but most boys won’t admit the heartache but “Real Men” Will. In the back of my head I knew it was coming but the heart didn’t want to agree with the mind.. in the midst of that I was starting my 7 month Yoga Instructor Training and yet homelessness was upon me I still had a job at the time but sacrifices were going to have to be made. My question was do you stay where you feel unwanted and swallow my pride? or do I go get it from nothing. While seeking a positive in the midst of turmoil and Save money from the ground up for your Upcoming business (Movement Specialist) because nobody is going to give you a handout nor am I taking loans out, so something had to be scarified in order to reap the fruit in the future so I bet my last dollar on myself with the trust and Faith of GOD. I cried most nights for the first 3 months straight. In Delaware (No mans land) No Family at all, all alone, & with a Hand selective people I could trust. Those cold nights in the dark only made my heart colder. Showering and brushing my teeth out of public sinks, not knowing where to go at night. Can’t sleep at night being paranoid every second, so I couldn’t sleep because I had to worry about people walking next to my car or roamers roaming around looking for a opportunity to rob someone. In the midst of this I’m losing friends to the streets of survival of the fittest at the same time & heartbreak from a women that I put my all into with the combination of these things left me in a place where it felt like there was no return. Like how can I ever love again how can I really put all my trust in one person again with 100%. I asked myself these things and try to find the answer but all I could see was a black hole in that heart of mine. Where all I could do was pray throughout the day for acceptance, forgiveness, closure & healing. I had all my Faith in God that he will set things right for me. I learned about myself over these several months, I worked on myself a lot with God. Prior to this I asked God to remove all things from me that is not ordained for me and bring forth everything to me that is ordained for me even if I don’t agree with it right away. And That is Exactly what he did and I didn’t even realize it while he was doing it. After 3 months in, i was already homeless sleeping out of my car day & night and winter approached fast. I then lost my Job as computer lab instructor and now I was jobless and homeless but I wasn’t going to cry about it and call for my family & friends, knowing everybody has they own issues. Literally all I had to my name was FAITH. I always preach that I’m a hustler and I’m a go getter so whatever is needed I was going to go get it out thin air if I had to. I always live by this quote that my mom been telling me from a Kid “ What don’t kill you will always make you stronger” and I sure wasn’t dead. Which I’m thankful for that because by the time I was 18 years old, I’ve already lost 18 friends to the Streets of Far Rockaway, New York. Money means everything to someone who value come from a piece of paper, but means nothing to a person who values comes from the richness of life, such as waking up everyday. Reason I value people and relationships more than money is because it comes and goes but TIME doesn’t. With that being said with all the underlying factors I was still blessed because even though I had no home and no Job I was still blessed to take a trip to Africa for Almost 2 weeks spending Christmas and opening up New Years there because of an investment I made prior to all this chaos I had to deal with. I couldn’t refund the trip to save money so I still went. Still with nothing to my name I was still able to travel down there with my best friends and good brothers to give back clothes, shoes, etc, to loving and beautiful people that had less then me. That’s what meant the most to me… I’ll take my shirt off my back even if that is all I had to offer. I would do it again. That Africa Trip was life Changing. It confirmed to me how much I appreciate and am thankful for life everyday and pray to God everyday. I saw both sides first hand.. I lived in the village (rougher/ Realer side) for most of my days there then lived in the luxury for the rest of my days there. saw the best/worst of both worlds, so I took in every moment & that is where I found BACK MY SOUL again & Rebirth. Between this Trip and going through that yoga process of internal healing (Coincidentally) to become a certified yoga instructor is where my soul & heart was revived and brought back to the Light & shine like it knows how to do. I knew when I got back on that plane to go back to the states it was Hustle Season, because coming from nothing with no handouts all it did was motivate me because not a lot of people make it where I come from. So my mom instilled in me values and morals while my uncles and cousins instilled the streets and codes or reality into me along side first hand experiences I had to see or deal with out in this cold world. while people rooted against me or played the fence, all that did was add fuel to the fire for me to go harder. If anyone knows me Jay.P then you know I won’t stop till I get it is what I set my mind to. When I landed I started hustling. I chose not to go the illegal way because I trusted God and had too much potential in front of me with “Jevaughn Pinnock” Brand, so I just trusted in God. Right before I left for Africa I had passed my personal Training test with “ACE” which I took 3 times before passing and if you anything about that test, you have to be in the 90 percentile in order to even pass the EXAM which was 400 dollars every time I failed, so I spent my last saving on my last test taking it risking it all & with the grace of God I passed. So even though I was Broke, my self value as an individual went up a ton. I cried so hard when I passed that 3rd time because people don’t know the time I put in day n night to pass waking up to sleeping in car or trying to find quite places to study in the cold winter with no income coming in. And slowly but surely God was showing me how he was evolving me. He stripped me down of everything down to my ego, to build me back up so strong while placing the right people in my life alongside with keeping the righteous ones for me around me to give me support without me saying a word or asking for it. Everything happens for a reason and I’m a firm believer in that. I got off that plane and decided I’m actually going to use this certification of personal training (which later turned into a movement specialist) which I had no plans or intentions to use but there I was. I had to do what I had to do because now my value went up and it was second nature to me in this field so why not explore that option. So, I called every club I could find and a door opened within 2 days of my excessive calling and I got hired on the spot. Now it was time to build back up even though It was currently in month 5 of homelessness and yoga classes. As time began to go on with this yoga process I learned so much about myself and the reasons for certain behaviors and also why people act certain ways as well. GOD opened up my vision so clearly that right now I am so elevated and refuse to entertain drama nor negativity and I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my entire life even still with nothing to my name but debt and faith because of the overpassing of not having a job. God showed me exactly what he wants from me, who he knows is for me, who will make me happy, who will ride for me no matter what, who will never tarnish my name nor misrepresent me. He showed me loud and Clear… & all I can do is trust in him and put all my faith in him because everything was God Sent going through these rough hard and dangerous times. So will I question anything that I went through? Not a Chance , but will the world question me? of course they will but it not up to then it’s ultimately up to God and what he Ordained and I am perfectly fine with all the decisions he had for me thus far. I’m happy as I ever could be with moving forward leaving the rubbish behind me with no return! When I thought I couldn’t make it through those cold snowy nights or this 4 degree nights in my car, he’s the one that brought me through those nights alone. So I took my chances betting on God and now here i am, with a new found energy, a revival, a healthy spirit, and new chapters upon me. & if you know me, you know I fear nothing nor peoples perception. I Always been a Trendsetter, risk taker and original! Never a Follower. But I’m always filled with LOVE.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
Hi, well I’m a Movement Specialist & Partners with Spellman Performance. Which is a result oriented human performance developer with a passion for Improving clients health, wealth, and a quality of life. I’ve worked with number of professional athletes from NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, USNMT, Rugby and more. All the way down to collegiate, high school, and youth. Delivering high-energy training using the latest technique in exercise science, technology and strength training, while diving deeper than what the naked eye can see. Personable trainer, able to coach and motivate clients by creating an environment where wellness goals are heard, nurtured, executed, producing life time results. The amount of work, brain power and sweat that goes into profession is not easy at all. I love challenges so this profession was made of me. Also I love what I love so its a no brainer for me. I would want the want the world to know that our primary focus is to keep these guys healthy through a Long or Short Journey/ Process of Peaks and Lows while trying to reach the optimal end goal for that particular individual, because each athlete may be on A different phase of development, so we recognize and cater to each athlete differently. Customized to their goals which could be to get faster, learn how to run correctly, Injury Prevention Movements Or Improving the Change Of Direction Skills between Lateral Movements & Deceleration Movements. Which All has a Physical Capability, Technical Capability, and a Mental Capability to it. Also something that is just as equally important to US that we take So Pride in is the Environment and Culture that we created here in Speed City. It’s a place like no other in this world. These are not my words but the words of others who has gotten a chance to experience which we are Humbly & happy to hear those responses as feedback from all levels (Amateur to World Class Level) . Speed City is a Safe Zone Where we can Lock in and Focus but at the same time have fun enjoying the process. while speak the truth, realness that projected from all our coaches that these player need to hear. We Bring That Feeling of “Oh My Gosh, I’m so Happy to be Home” in a training aspect. We Want Hard Workers that is willing to Sacrifice their ego for the greater good to become great in order to reach phenomenal heights. Speed City is One Big Family Between Les, I, the Athletes and the Whole Spellman Team. It’s Hardships, It’s Laughter, it’s Heart, it’s Perfection, It’s Passion, It’s Grit, its Vibes, It’s The Home Of Speed and More. I’m so passionate about this, it’s just bleeds through my pores and I can’t help it. We want to change the world for the better will all ages Across the board the they can use or relate to and WE WILL! Something that separates me is how I teach and what I teach. For Example: Posture -Precision- Pattern – Power I Call it the 4 P’s. It’s Something I found throughout my years of travels all over the world seeking the best knowledge and what I can use for my tool box or disregard from tool box to make it into the perfect mixture. My Philosophy comes from studying under the best researchers/teachers of the world and years of training and personal experiences/ discoveries. The First P is the foundation of everything else to follow & I learned this down in Florida, Miami during my tenure there from a talented gifted brother named Coach Troy Jones Down at The House of Athlete. The first P Called is “POSTURE”. Now this starts from the bottom up, meaning from soles of the feet to the crown of your head. What this allows me to do is to analyze your alignment [is your Neck, Shoulders, T-Spine, and Hips in the Correct Position] How well is your balance, Stability, Ankle Stiffness. That First P (POSTURE) Tells Me everything i need to know before the athlete even makes there first Movement The Second P is Called “PRECISION”. How detailed can we (Athlete & I) be in every movement to the point the where the body recognizes that the movement becomes First nature. You’ll notice the brain/ nervous system is adapting as movements start to progress as time begins to build. So, Now that becomes a easy transaction from the brain to the whole body. You will begin to understand where your body is in space, you’d surprise how much people don’t know where there body in space. Ex. If I tell you Close your eyes stand still, lift the right leg, lift the left arm, now use your right arm to touch your left toes. How Fast & Efficent do you think you’ll be able to accomplish that simply goal? All with you’re eyes closed. Try it! Then @ me on Instagram and tell me how’d it go. But case and point this is why is VERY IMPORTANT that our athlete body’s recognize and know these things before moving forward. From a injury stand point and a optimal performance stand point. After the brain recognize and understand the movements we can now move on to the Third P which is “PATTERN”. Can We produce a rhythmic pattern of precision. Notice how the P’s begin to stack upon one another. Everything we do as far as speed is a rhythm that became more prominent for me during my tenure In Cali with another great brother Les Spellman. By the way he’s a genius if any of you guys haven’t known already. He’s such a great resource to have. Now shifting gears back, Pattern comes with repetition of doing it over and over and over again. He [Les] once told me it’ll take 1000 reps of one drill to get it right. Once we create a formula of Posture, Precision, and Pattern we can move on to the last and final P. Fourth and finally P is “POWER”. Once the athlete and body is knowledgeable of the their awareness in space with great posture, we are now able to apply force in any direction we would like because we are precise to the where Power/ force is going towards the ground. Whether it’ll be Power going downward and back behind the hip in the acceleration Phase or forward and down in front of the hip in a deceleration phase or even applying power in a lateral direction in a Change of Direction Phase. It’s Is all relevant to the end goal you want to achieve. That way we can protect ourself at all cost while pushing out optimal performance efficiency . We are just providing the tools, recourses, and prescription for you guys that need a solve your problems. This some of my philosophy of training. Which is “The 4 P’s” ( quick education for you guys) POSTURE. PRECISION. PATTERN. POWER. One Thing I want to the world to know is that. I drive off passion, I leave nothing left in the tank. I give it my all you and to others. Im not going to sell you dreams but I will always keep it real and give you every ounce I have, Rich or Poor Or indifferent. Every life is worth the same with me, no one life is worth more or less than anyone else. There is a disconnect in the Culture and in this World. But Im here to bridge the Gap. I judge people on how much people you’ve touched in a positive way than how much you have in your pockets. I know tomorrow is not promised so judged on the people I’ve touched when I’m gone. #Legacy

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Im From New York, I don’t know much about California, I’ve only been here for maybe 5 months lol.

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Asha Jones. Joshua Wills. Mike Davis. Qaun Harris Tiona Campbell Troy Jones Les Spellman Everyone who believed in me. Everyone who didn’t believe in me. Every who told me no or closed the door of opportunity on me. Far Rockaway, New York for teaching me survival skills. Mother for teaching me my morals. Last but not least GOD.

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