We had the good fortune of connecting with iirie Earnest and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi iirie, why did you pursue a creative career?
First and foremost, I would like to say I am so grateful for the opportunity to share with SDVoyager. There’s been a lot going since my last interview. I am so happy to have this platform to share what’s new with me and that SDVoyager thinks I am interesting enough to chat with again. I am humbled and excited. So to answer  your first question, I am a person who cannot just take a job to make money. I understand it and have done it many times in my life, because the truth is we all have to make money to live. I am also naturally creative. It is hard for me to work in a situation that I don’t feel connected to. It was no different than sitting in a class, I often felt it was boring when I was in school. Since I was a kid, I have always sang, danced, painted and been drawn to how plants heal. As soon as I felt high school, I was excited to pursue all of these amazing interests and gifts. I wasn’t sure how I could use all of them in a career per say but I knew these things should be a part of my life. I went to the San Diego School Of Creative Arts and it made an awesome impact on me and somehow led me to pursue a  holistic health career along with the arts, which one day included the culinary arts, to my surprise. I love food and cooking for my family, but I didn’t imagine I would be a part of a culinary business. In that aspect of the business, I handle a lot of the paperwork, some of the online promo, our promo campaigns along with helping to get us into events and set up pops etc. It’s been pretty amazing so far. All the things I love to do for our businesses, I see how connected these things are and how much what I have chosen to do is important and part of our human experience. We care for the Mind, Body & Spirit through our holistic business. We provide food and a social experiences that engages the senses. Then there is the music and the art. It’s all holistic in some way. I wanted to find a way to translate this in all of my work and into my life and I am happy, I have. I really just want to do what makes me happy all day like working on holistic health, exploring vegan food and supporting people in changing their diets. Also I love being an advocate for cannabis and it is important to show people how it has helped me and could be a part of their healing journey. I have been diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia, the treatment use of holistic health therapies, using different herbs/plants including cannabis as one of the many herbs I use has been a godsend. I actually also work at Golden State Greens in Point Loma, which has been educational and beneficial in helping me learn more about cannabis products and the business of cannabis. It is just important along with courses I am taking and all the research I am doing on cannabis, I am in the environment. I am able to soak more knowledge up as Earnestly iirie, the business starts to evolve with more cannabis education and one day more services. It’s like my career has come full circle with my life. I share so much with my clients and all the things I share I actually apply to my life. Along with cannabis education my business started with a foundation in Ayurvedic & Eastern based therapies such as massage, Reiki, Meditation, Yoga and Chakra focused.

I share two businesses with my husband which are ReBeLFoodie ByPoe & Earnestly iirie. Did I mention we do music too? We have a music and art collective called GuilttyByStanderZ. You can find some of our music and videos on our Instagram @guilttybystanderz. Last March, at the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown, my husband Poe, my brother Steveland and I completed an entire album that we are currently in the process of getting mixed and mastered at Studio West in Rancho Bernardo. The music just flowed and once we got to the studio to record, we recorded everything in 2 days and 2 hours. We completed 22 songs. Which is amazing, because he doesn’t sound rushed. This is also why we are taking so much time to make sure the sound quality is right. Our music even takes a holistic approach and directly speaks to people in a soulful and transcending way. What you will see about my brand that is shared with my husband Poe, it is all about the mind, body and spirit. Everything we do has to speak on all those levels. That’s how we vibrate. There is not a day that goes by, I am not working on our businesses and strengthening my gifts . Together we are always searching for the best ways to use them online or working how to create events, workshops or art that our potential customers and community will respond to in a positive way. See, all these things are important to me. My businesses and passions keep me excited about making money thru sharing and connecting with people daily. I love what I do. I have not been able to say that for a long time. It feels good.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
Our business Earnestly iirie and ReBeLFoodie ByPOE, are unique because we focus on maintaining uniqueness in our products, services and online content. We are also doing what we do, all out of love for these creative small businesses. We love standing out, we pride ourselves on being “creatively rebellious”. What “creatively rebellious” means, is standing out and introducing people to something new in the way we conceptualize everything. I will give an example using my shared business ReBeLFoodie ByPOE. Right now we are known for menus that allow vegan and non-vegan to enjoy fresh creative entrees. We also have a rotating pop series of menus, which keeps it fun, fresh and new every time. Our vegan food on our menu is just as great as the meat dishes, so everyone can eat, enjoy and possibly change how they view vegan food. Another great thing is that Chef Poe is so creative he takes classics, we all love to eat and adds so much color, great flavors and his dishes are full of surprising fresh ingredients. It’s a different type of soulful experience, that really feels Cali but also like a little bit of everywhere and considering San Diego is so culturally diverse, it works. It’s like a foodie love letter to culinary arts. It is meant to hit the senses, make you smile and clean your plate. It gives those enjoying our food a new experience.

Our holistic business which is Earnestly iirie, offers services that encompass holistic health as a program/workshop. This is where we focus on how to incorporate it in daily life, I create workshops, open up Zoom meeting rooms and do Lives to connect with the public to share info that helps them understand how to use holistic health and cannabis for a better life. My work also included education and dinner parties focused on vegan/plant-based eating benefits. One day, we plan to make even our ReBeLFoodie ByPOE culinary business, all vegan, which will take time. When we do events thru Earnestly iirie, all entrees are made vegan. The more people enjoy our food and see this is a great healthy alternative, we can really continue to change the game, with fun, delish and healthy food done in the ReBeLFoodie Style, our business is getting known for. Originally, I was nervous about talking about cannabis or even talking about going back to eating vegan and incorporating that in our businesses, because sometimes it is met with a lot of scrutiny. We are changing and growing. We have learned so much, so it only felt right to represent that. I had to be true to myself and the clients/customers we service. Being true to myself and our brand really makes it exciting to do what we do. Over the last year, I can say, we have really made some noise in the city and it is an honor to see our mission is working. I am filled with so much gratitude. I want people to know our businesses/brands are always growing. As we keep being inspired by the world we live in and through our creativity, we will continue to introduce more aspects that will hopefully keep making the little part of the world we live in better and eventually, we will be able to expand out into different cities and states. Our future plans will be tours that feature the food of ReBeLFoodie ByPOE and tours that feature the holistic services/workshops of Earnestly iirie.We are so passionate about food, art, music and holistic health, as well as cannabis. We want to always showcase our brand/businesses in a light that keeps us excited and inspires people to try something new and learn much more. That is always the goal. Gain more clients/customers but also make a real positive impactful influence to our great city and our industries as a whole.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
If my best friend were coming out to visit San Diego. I would take her to Ocean Beach and let her check out the coolness of this little hippie beach town. There is such a cool vibe here, I am lucky to live in the community, and have access to the beach everyday. We would go to lunch or dinner at The Yasai, which is some amazing vegan sushi. Even a meat eater will love. I love all the sushi there, yet what also stands out is the ramen. The Triple Tomato and The Red Edition are must haves.

For dinner, I would want her to try some food from ReBeLFoodie ByPOE, of course, because this is one of my businesses and I have confidence, Chef Poe will always make amazing entrees that are sure to impress. Alway Rebellious, Bold & Liberated, we often say.  I would recommend she try the new fave, which is comforting and just delicious, The RBL Vegan Veggie Grilled Cheese and the Cream Of Coconut Tomato Soup. It would be a must to take her to Sunset Cliffs. It is just one of the most beautiful places in SD and such a relaxing way to end a Cali Day. The sunset on that cliff is a magical meditative experience every single time.  We would definitely go check out Balboa park and to the all great museums. The Japanese Garden is one of the most peaceful places to chill out. Every time, I get a chance to go to the  Balboa Park, I never want to miss a chance to hang out there for a while and take it all in. It never gets boring walking around the park and going in and out of all of the museums.
Another great thing to do would be to go check out the Farmer’s Markets. Perhaps go to a few different ones to check out all the great produce and products. I love supporting local businesses, so any time I personally travel to a new city, I look for farmer’s markets and festivals.
Lastly, if Ziggy Marley is performing at Del Mar for the Summer Concert Series, we would definitely have to go enjoy a great reggae concert. That would put the icing on the cake, reggae and San Diego and a beautiful summer evening would be a great way to complete a great trip.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
My husband Poetential Earnest deserves a major shoutout. We are definitely a team and we keep each other motivated. Poetential also affectionately know as Poe is not only an asset but the chef of ReBeLFoodie ByPOE and he helps with the Earnestly iirie brand. He is also back on the path of eating vegan and living a more animal friendly lifestyle. We are not perfect, but successfully transitioned back to eating only vegan. In our business for ReBeLFoodie ByPOE, we provide vegan and non-vegan food so all people can eat but also in hopes that our food is so good to those who have the pleasure of enjoying it may get curious and try the “vegan versions of what we create”. Another person who keeps me inspired is my friend Adriana known as Nurtured Goddess on IG. She is an amazing holistic healer and growing as a business woman every time we speak. She was one of my first students, in a holistic/massage class at a vocational college. We have become more like family over the years. The times we have to talk and check in about our goals for business and personal goals have been very inspiring for me. I am excited about the future collaborations we will do with Earnestly iirie & ReBeLFoodie ByPOE.

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