We had the good fortune of connecting with Alyssa Couture and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Alyssa, how has your work-life balance changed over time?
Work-life balance to me means being able to have a lifestyle that is safe, healthy, and comfortable. At times, my health condition forces me to slow down. Working a 4 to 8-hour day is enough for me. As a solopreneur, I can make my own schedule. I don’t need to work full-time.

I love to work, but, life experiences and health issues force me to stop being a workaholic. When I was final editing my book Healthy Fashion, for months I would edit/write for 10 to 12 hours a day. Many times I was working 10 to 15 hour days. For example, I worked in fashion retail during the day and worked on my fashion business at night.

Some people are on this planet to survive, and others are more privileged, they may have an easier schedule. I am a survivor. Because of this, I have not had an easy schedule for most of my life.

My balance has changed over time. In order to achieve a work-life balance, I enjoy listening to music while I work. I usually listen to solfeggio/rife/isochronic healing frequencies. I have an ocean wave sound CD that I play while I travel. I enjoy all classical music, especially Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Stravinsky. I love ambient techno.

Travel helps me with work-life balance. I take many road trips. I love to travel. Travel is a part of my fashion research and planetary energy work as a planetary energy healer. I have visited many places in California and the West.

I visit energy vortexes, channel the energy, and help to activate the Earth’s ley lines and energy grids to support planetary ascension. A few favorite vortexes I have visited are Mount Shasta, Crestone Colorado, Lake Tahoe, Crater Lake, and Joshua Tree National park.

Exercise helps me. I practice yoga, walk, or I go to the ocean. This is where I work on planetary energy work, as a planetary energy healer. Torrey Pines beach in Del Mar, CA is my favorite beach. Here I practice violet flame/I AM presence meditations and energy work.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
Healthy Fashion Campaign is a fashion business on fashion for human health. I broadcast enlightening content on fashion deemed medicinal. Healthy Fashion takes a modern approach in the way we relate to our clothes. It’s about fashion for a purpose. How we treat our body, is how we treat ourselves. It’s the same with our way of dress; what we wear can be an extension of how we care about ourselves.

I have over 15 years of experience in multiple areas of the fashion industry, some of which include fashion business, fashion design, fashion retail management, fashion journalism, fashion show production, fashion creative direction, styling, visual fashion merchandising, and fashion show production. All of these roles have functioned to help create a universal element to my work and life.

My work supports fashion professionals and conscious consumers who want help building a healthy fashion business and a healthy wardrobe. I offer advanced fashion methods and fashion concepts on fashion. Concepts like fashion as an alternative health remedy and fashion as a long-term modern wellness trend.

The challenges in regards to my business– it is a very new approach to fashion– ‘fashion for health’, so it is not easy. Also, I work as an energy healer and talk about metaphysical topics in relation to fashion. The topics Spiritual Ascension and the Spiritual Awakening on Earth are also new.

What sets my business apart–fashion for health is a new concept for the fashion industry. How so? We don’t market, advertise, and make fashion recognizable as a health product. Yes, healthy fashion has existed since fashion came about, yet this campaign really involves creating strategy, criteria, and a campaign movement to get fashion to give back to us, more than it currently does. ⠀

Fashion in general needs to become more advanced and modern. There is a void in fashion because some fashion is unspirited. There’s huge potential for the fashion industry.

We are at the time of a spiritual awakening. The fashion industry is in a bit of transition right now. We are slowly catching on to producing and promoting fashion in pursuit of mind- body- spirit. Multi-dimensional meaning fashion that is physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually interactive in relation to humans.

As a fashion author, I wanted to write a book that would be attributed as modern, fresh, and high-fashion for a new age. I have been fashion-obsessed, and I consider myself a fashion ‘psychic.’ I have spent a lot of time and energy creating new concepts on fashion both through artistic, and philosophical channels, and a lot of research as well.

I had a block in regard to my mission and purpose in life. When I started visiting energy vortexes around the West of the US, doing energy healing work, I was also connecting more and more with my higher self and understanding who I am. When I visit energy vortexes like Mount Shasta in Mount Shasta California, a spiritual activation happens and this supports my my mission on Earth as a healer. It has been a part of my work as an energy healer to also use my energy work techniques and relate it to fashion.

I would like everyone to know that every industry is advancing and so is fashion. Healthy Fashion Campaign, and my book Healthy Fashion: The Deeper Truths are about fashion for the mind, body, and spirit. It provides information on the future of fashion, advanced, modern fashion concepts that support human health and environmental health. We all have to work together collectively in order to fix unhealthy fashion.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
There are so many things to do in San Diego. I would take them to the Bayfront near Hilton Hotel and we would walk the Bayfront. We would take the Ferry over to Coronado and visit Coronado Beach. I would take them to whale watch on City Cruise Whale Watch or Adventure Whale Watching in San Diego.

For breakfast or lunch, there is a cute coffee shop with delicious bagels at Spill The Beans Coffee Shop, near the Bayfront. They have gourmet bagels and cream cheese. I would take them to the Burger Lounge at 1608 India St. and Ben & Jerry’s at 859 A W West Harbor and for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

I enjoy visiting Mission Valley, and I would take them shopping at the Westfield Mission Valley mall in San Diego.

I love the Rady Shell At Jacobs Park because it is right on the Bayfront and surrounded by ocean water. They have some great concerts– for example: “Beethoven’s Symphony”. It’s a beautiful, modern venue and event park. I would also take them to Balboa park and walk the trails.

We would take a gyrokinetic class at San Diego Gyrotonic. I would take them to Sea World. We would visit the San Diego Museum of Art and The Japanese Friendship Garden. Also, we would go to Wholefoods and Lazy Acres, etc. I still have many places to visit!

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
I would like to dedicate this shoutout to the late Hanna Kroeger. She was a master healer, and she inspires me. Her strong spiritual life inspires me. Hanna Kroeger was unconventional. She was one of the first to open a natural food store in Colorado, USA, with her husband. She was a pendulum dowser and healed thousands of people by dowsing them and prescribing them herbs and alternative health remedies. She was also a reverend and had her own chapel called The Chapel of Miracles. She also had a health retreat named Peaceful Meadow retreat. You can visit her health food store in Colorado named Hanna’s Herb Shop– her grandson is running the company now, and her daughter is running her herbal supplement company ‘Kroeger Herb’. Her herbal supplements are amazing. She had 5 kids and was happily married to Rudolph Kroeger who helped her invent some of their alternative health technologies. I recommend all of Hanna Kroeger’s books. She published 23+ books. She was a herbalist, healer, reverend, and pendulum dowser.

Website: https://www.hfcampaign.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hfcampaign/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alyssa-couture

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlyssaLCouture

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/healthyfashioncampaign/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCERD-T06_xv5-PHoRBuF8NQ?view_as=subscriber

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