Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us.  Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Jessica Boynton | Founder & Designer

Pattern making and size distribution. We love feedback and ask for it all the time, but sometimes we get feedback about our lack of range of sizes or making new styles. I would absolutely love to make all the sizes in the world to promote body positivity! In fact, I wish I could make each suit custom fit for the person. But to be within a reasonable accessible price range for sustainable materials made in California, it just isn’t possible. Every new design takes me months of back and forth to perfect, along with testing by multiple people to make sure it is the best product out there. Size wise, every size we have has to be paid for as well to make the pattern, and as a small company, having inventory of a large range of sizes makes it really hard to keep my costs down enough to stay in business. That doesn’t mean you all shouldn’t keep dreaming and giving feedback though! It motivates us to find a better and more efficient way to solve our customers pain points. Read more>>

Sae Kim | Floral & Event Designer

One thing about the floral industry that outsiders are probably unaware of is that the work we put in goes far beyond the event date. We spend months calculating mechanics, floral costs, labor, sustainability and more. We have to be knowledgeable in floral seasonality which helps us gauge which flowers will be available on our clients future event date. We spend the month prior putting in the floral order (making sure every piece is available) then we spend the week prior preparing all mechanics, shop detail, personal details and have everything ready for the arrival of the flowers. Once we receive them we prepare all the flowers individually and have them in perfect condition for designing. We spend days designing and once the event day arrives we create detailed timelines for each project area. Read more>>

Toni Paisley | Professional Softball Player & Pitching Advocate

The competitive nature between brands that takes away from the growth of the sport. From the outside, it would make sense that if trainers and coaches wanted the best for the athletes that they would love to collaborate and lift the sport up as a whole. This is true for some, but there is an extreme opposing force of competition that breeds more separation and confusion for those trying to learn. This has been a driving factor behind Paisleys Pitching; to knock down some of those walls. Creating a trusting space to join forces and a safe place to grow will continue to help improve the next generation of athletes. We are stronger together, always, and although it is a battle everyday we are chipping away and getting one step closer to breaking through. Read more>>

Daniel Altenburg | Co-founder

When companies, managers, or people think of adding extra development resources to their existing teams, for the most part, they think of outsourcing to engineers from India or Eastern Europe. This has pretty much been the case for the last couple of decades but what people dont know is that there is a large talent pool of software engineers, designers, and testers located just south of us in Latin America. Zipdev recruits and screens engineers from Latin America and assigns them to our clients based here in the USA. All of our engineers speak fluent English and are also conveniently located in your time zones which is a huge plus. Read more>>