If you had a million dollars to invest right now, how would you deploy that capital?

Shivam Kohls | Health and Wellbeing Consultant: Stress Management, Mindfulness Meditation and Practices, Feng Shui Consultant

I would use $1 million capital to invest in and create Kindred Spirits Healing Sanctuary. Imagine the dynamic transformational potential of a healing sanctuary for people and animals that combines the restorative powers of being in nature, with personal growth and development programs for people, combined with participants being actively involved in the loving care of rescued animals. The Kindred Spirits Healing Sanctuary would include; thoughtfully crafted green housing, an organic vegetable garden, integrative healing therapies, personal growth workshops, animal adoption and educational explorations of the human/animal bond including Equine Assisted Therapy. Read more>>

Jessica Jerrain | Small Business Owner

How would I choose to spend $1 million doooollars? Goodness, what an amazing opportunity that would be to paint all of my dreams into a reality. I run in between wanting to make sure my family is well taken care of and better settled, investing in business growth and being able to pursue all of those stars I’ve been reaching for since I can remember with the financial freedom this would all allow. Business wise, I’d definitely invest in a bigger space to operate Lovinity and expand on it’s overall product growth. I’d expand towards a jewelry line that’d represent empowerment and self love. Read more>>

Candi Macias | Personal Trainer/Health Coach/Music Promoter

I have always struggled, but that has never stopped me from hustling. I came from a poor family and I have been working since I was about 13 years old. My parents are immigrants so I was taught to live and survive. I have always dreamed big since I can remember, I always questioned everything and still do, which only creates a better version of myself & hopefully I can influence and help people from all around the globe. If I had a million dollars to invest, I would invest it in my vision to help others. Read more>>

Gerald Barksdale | Building & Interior Designer

If I had a million right now, I would buy 3-4 rental units outright, then do a cash-out refi at an amount that keeps the units cash flowing a little each month, and repeat that process as many times as I can to pick up the most number of rentals with the million. Read more>>

Lourdes Quiros Lamadrid | Preschool Teacher/Director

I would invest in growing my childcare program and be able to provide quality education for children, I will use it to grow my small Bussiness a Bilingual Montessori preschool . By Growing the bussiness we will be able to reach and teach more children , not only the Montessori philosophy also the importance of a second language, learn about different cultures and valúes , it’s very important for the new generations to learn, love and respect the other people, have empathy and to be grateful for everything we have! Read more>>