We had the good fortune of connecting with Jessica Jerrain and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jessica, if you had a million dollars to invest right now, how would you use that capital?
How would I choose to spend $1 million doooollars? Goodness, what an amazing opportunity that would be to paint all of my dreams into a reality. I run in between wanting to make sure my family is well taken care of and better settled, investing in business growth and being able to pursue all of those stars I’ve been reaching for since I can remember with the financial freedom this would all allow. Business wise, I’d definitely invest in a bigger space to operate Lovinity in and expand on it’s overall product growth. I’d expand towards a jewelry line that’d represent empowerment and self love. I’d want to create an active fashion line that would not only highlight positive sayings and words of encouragement but bring great comfort to our bodies while we’re getting our sweat on in the yoga studio, gym, running marathons, home workouts, lounging around or picking the kids up from school, etc. This space and the financial freedom being provided would allow me to grow and create all of the things that have been flowing through my veins and have been wanting to put into play. In turn this would allow me to bring in others to continue this vision in more ways than I’m sure I have yet to imagine. I would still continue making home decor. What a wonderfully vibrant opportunity to show these kiddos of mine (and anyone else fighting the good fight) that hard work and not giving up even in the darkest of times is worth it! Dreams and stars wise… I would totally go forward with starting a production company. Film and all things related has not only been a childhood dream of mine that I was able to fulfill on and off the screen as an adult but it’s truly braided so deep into my blood that I want it to continue to be part of my life on a deeper level. I’d want to partner up and invest into movies with deep and rich meanings. Comedies that lift your spirit, dark movies that rekindle the light and revive the hope back into your soul, empowering and encouraging feel good movies, short films, books – you name it. I’ve held onto these dreams since I was a young girl and I doubt I will ever abandon them any day soon because all of this goes beyond myself. My mission is to leave this world a better and more happy place. I will do what I can on this journey to fulfill this vision. I feel like I’m writing a diary entry because these are the thoughts that I’m constantly thinking about. Donating a portion of all proceeds to non-profits such as The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and other’s that have deeply affected my life would be honored. I’d want to be involved somehow with the folks that do their best to be there for others as well. Now, though the money is most likely all spent up, here’s one last thought. I’d love a home that we would be able to call ours and fit our big family into comfortably. I picture big windows, a backyard and pool to host gatherings. While watching my children grow, laugh and make their best childhood memories in a home full of even more light and love. To be able to give each of them the creative freedom to explore who they are with any activity they would like to learn from. And lastly, us parents totally deserve to be able to put ourselves first while not worrying about the everyday and sometimes stressful life tasks that are presented. You should see the smile on my face. What a fun question to answer.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
What sets me apart from the rest? I am doing my best to be my most authentic self. I try to embrace all of my struggles and hard learned lessons in a way that allows me to be vulnerable with my customers and whoever else is willing to listen and share their own stories. My life journey is Lovinity (infinite*love). I try to highlight some of those affirmations and words of encouragement that got me through my darkest days and shine a beacon of light into what I’m creating in someway for others to find their way. Being there for others and making sure they don’t feel alone is extremely important to me. I am most excited for doing all of this in general. I’m excited to see how it encourages my children to keep going for all of the things that make their heart happy and not letting the opinions of others fears dictate their choices. I’ve wanted to quit a million times over these past 3 years because it’s hard work and then some! Wow. I have to remind myself WHY I started this to begin with regardless of the financial or lack of woman hours in a day challenges. Balancing home life, raising a family and maintaining a healthy relationship with my partner while giving myself the care it needs too. I’m sure we all struggle with these things in general – so it helps in knowing I’m not alone. There is a lot of pressure that I put on myself most definitely but I’m learning to breathe through it all and channel the stress in a more positive way. When I focus my mindset on what I CAN control, everything around me shifts in a great way. I’m most proud of myself for not giving up because it’s more than just home decor and tumblers. There’s a message that I want to continue to share and a voice inside me that wants to inspire and encourage others through all of these waves in our lives. Business wise, there’s so much competition and it’s easy to become consumed and believe that you’re not good enough. I’ve always been a little goofy and “weird” (which is cool by the way), and even when I’m trying to make the ‘same’ cookie cutter designs – they still just come out different. I struggled (and still do) with finding myself, my confidence and self worth but being a creative pushes me into finding myself when I stay open and listen. There’s so much opportunity around me and I’m grateful for all of this because it allows me to continue to find myself and share.

Any places to eat or things to do that you can share with our readers? If they have a friend visiting town, what are some spots they could take them to?
Luckily my best buds live in San Diego with me still. But if I was showing someone a good highlighted week there’d be plenty to show them. First, I’d take them downtown – a baseball game, piano bar, seaport village, and all the little sights and fun facts around there. Might as well hit the Zoo or Sea World and have some fun with the activities offered behind the scenes with the animals. Coronado. Plenty of tasty places to eat at along the coast or inland. We’d have to country line dance and enjoy an evening out with our hair down. A cruise around the bay and dinner. Hiking adventures! Julian and the car ride up through there. Wineries. The beach, concerts and movies in the park, go kart racing… honestly a week isn’t enough to get r done because San Diego has so much to offer.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I’d love to give a big shout out on the highest mountain top to every soul who has supported and encouraged me my whole life in someway. My parents who continue to help me along the way in anyway that they are able to at any given moment. To my fiance who gave me the support I needed to help give the momentum Lovinity needed for so long to get off the ground running. He showed me that love exists and that I deserve it. My children who warm my heart greatly and tell me such sweet and encouraging words – the bond and unconditional love is amazing. To my siblings and friends who have encouraged all of my ideas, allowed me to grow and continue to be extra shoulders for me to lean on while providing those extra laughs for me during the times I always need it. My customers, I would not be where I am at now without them without a doubt. 100%. Every person I’ve made an acquaintance with or lives in my past has helped shape all of this. It takes a village and I’m not much without all of the above. Because of each of you, my heart and soul are humbled and rich with an immense amount of love, encouragement and support that sometimes it becomes so overwhelming that I burst into happy tears. Thank you to every one of you that have been there or continue to be there for me and my family.

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