We had the good fortune of connecting with Candi Macias and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Candi, if you had to put a million dollars to work immediately, how would you go about investing it?
I have always struggled, but that has never stopped me from hustling. I came from a poor family and I have been working since I was about 13 years old. My parents are immigrants so I was taught to live and survive. I have always dreamed big since I can remember, I always questioned everything and still do, which only creates a better version of myself & hopefully I can influence and help people from all around the globe. If I had a million dollars to invest, I would invest it in my vision to help others. During this time, especially this present moment with the Corona Virus, many of us are struggling to make ends meet, food and rent has become the most important thing. We are all struggling to survive and taking it one day at a time. The homeless are not being correctly supported and shelters are only creating a bandaid. With an investment this big, I would purchase daily goods and give back to the people. I feel that this would help those families that already struggle and make ends meet. Help the homeless with what I can, shelter not only temporarily but help them getting out of their current situation and guide them to returning back to their life and enjoy it. $1 million can go far and I could say I would invest it into my own business, but eventually, that will come. Right now, this can be a salvation for many and I am not about to hoard it for myself. I want to share with others because I understand what it is to struggle. Being a Personal Trainer I see it more than just a Fitness Coach, I see myself as a positive influence and put in this specific path to share what has made my life happy and investing in others, I feel this will help relieve this focus and help them focus more on themselves instead of the monitor aspect of life.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
I currently work as a Personal Trainer but I see myself more of a Health Coach because I see fitness not only as an outer layer but more of a work done from the inside out. People get discouraged because hiring a Personal Trainer has always been recognized as something not essential, however, I beg to differ. Fitness is more than looking good. It is about a lifestyle, but what does that word even mean when people say it? Well, I am here to tell you that it means beginning with a mindset. Living healthier and educating people is what I am about. For example, when I see a client for the first time, I don’t start with their physical capabilities, I begin with a sit-down conversation and speaking to them about their life. I create a relationship from the beginning, I want people to know that I am not here to help you lose those extra pounds you want to lose because you are attending a special event. What about afterward? Why not continue this life since that beginning? Another example, is shoes, people do not know what type of shoes they should be wearing when doing physical activities. Shoes are so important, but many are not educated. I am that Trainer, the one that sees people more than their goals, I see them as humans seeking my help to change their life not only temporarily but permanently. It hasn’t been easy, but if things were easy, I would have lost interest already. Life is about struggles, about creating our path, going through the good and the bad, and nothing has stopped me from reaching those goals. I have fallen many, many times, however, I always pick myself up, which has created a better version of myself. I was homeless from 2014-2016, lived in my truck with my dog, I had rough days where I felt isolated and empty, but I also had great days full of beauty. I met so many people those years and those have been the development of the biggest growth of my life. I was able to see life in a more relaxed way. I used to be a high strung individual, but being homeless reminded me of that little girl I once was, the one that saw everything innocently. I started writing poetry again, meditated daily and woke up on the beach many days. My son was a teenager during that time and had to go live with his father at least for a little while. My son and I never lost our bond. Sometimes during summer days, I would pick him up at midnight and we would go sit at IHOP, talk and share a stack of pancakes. I could say that my homeless days were sad, but they honestly weren’t, I felt free, I felt alive, I felt more purpose to my life. My son never worried about me living in my car, he would tell me that I was the strongest person that he knew and always was 100% I would be fine. He inspires me daily. Because of the struggles I have encountered throughout life, I want people to know that my brand is more that what I offer. I want people to see me as more than a coach, more than a physical aspect of your life. I want to help people create better versions of themselves without judgment. I will NOT turn anyone because of monitor barriers. I feel we all deserve to change our life and money shouldn’t be a cause of it. I have come this far because of my passion, my drive. I have picked myself many times and I will keep picking myself up. I have learned from the hardships, I have learned from the good ones as well. All people should be able to see themselves as a whole, balanced and collected. I want people to Level Up!

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I was lucky to be raised and born in San Diego and there are so many places to see here. Hiking trails, Potato Chip Rock is a favorite. A drive up to Julian is also one of my favorite spots, there is nothing like a good drive up the little mountains for some Apple pie and coffee. Santa Monica Pier is another one of my favorite spots. I am big on trying many foods, so I don’t have any specific places, I normally go with what is close and what others are craving. Maybe some Sushi, Ramen or Mexican Food, El Comal is one of my favorite authentic Mexican restaurants. Coronado beach is also a favorite one, riding the ferry to Downtown and walk at Seaport Village is always a great time in San Diego.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Dr. Arnel Aguinaldo. I am inspired by this man in many ways. Not only has he given me great advice on different aspects of life, he inspires me daily. I have found myself in many hard times and he has always been there to help me. What started as a friendship has become family and I look up to him. He’s a father, a Professor, a husband and a friend and he wears these hats very well. I can honestly say, he is one of my life Hero’s and I could not imagine my life without him and his beautiful family.

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