Society conditions us to believe that winners never quit.  Is that good advice?  We asked some brilliant folks how to know whether to keep going or to give up and try something new.

Patric Stillman | Art Gallery Director & Artist

The Studio Door began with a mixture of passion, dreams and thoughtfulness. Almost immediately, challenging situations presented themselves and I had to ask myself this exact question. Initially, my hormones kicked in as I felt the tumultuous pull of my own fight or flight response. As I put aside the unanswerable questions surrounding how this unexpected situation took place, I realized that I had to choose the path I would take next. I’m sure I had many options but it felt starkly black and white. Do or Die. Read more>>

Tyler Rolling | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Founder of FOOD, BODY & SOUL.

When it comes to my business, FOOD, BODY & SOUL — where I help women leaders overcome disordered eating and find food freedom + body love, so they can create the impact they were made for, I honestly have never considered giving up an option. I feel like when you find your purpose and your soul’s calling, there really won’t be that choice to give up and if you do, it will keep showing up in your life in some form or another until you heed the call! Read more>>

Jenny Jantzen | Stylist & Business Owner

I have always went with my gut and intuition with this; and it has yet to fail me! When I start getting bored or stagnant with my current situation I know it’s time to push for something that will challenge me again. I also wouldn’t use the word “quit” I would say on to the “next” chapter! Read more>>

Kenneth Cohen | Tai Chi & Qigong Teacher

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many who are asking various facets of this question. Do they give in to depression or hopelessness when they are unemployed and it is difficult to pay the bills or when they have lost friends and loved ones? If they live alone and then must practice social isolation, how to keep going when a “virtual hug” provides little solace. Do they give up when, faced with lack of medical services or an overburdened health care system, they are forced to be self-reliant and manage their own health? How to keep going when life is not proceeding according to preconceived plans. Read more>>

Chris Nurding | Band leader, bass player, vocalist for IT’S NEVER 2L8 Band

As our name says, IT’S NEVER 2L8 to make it happen! If you truly want something bad enough, stay with it! Don’t EVER give up! Read more>>

Samara Zabala | Illustrator and Web Designer and Developer

I feel as long as your heart and your mind is passionate and set on a particular goal, you have every right to keep going and not give up until you reach it. Something you truly want to be successful at is something you don’t give up on. Read more>>

Vera Ross | Certified Health Education Specialist and Fitness Coach

In my business as well as with personal goals, I am tenacious about pursuing results. I am usually in the habit of following all of my ideas and plans through until the end, however sometimes my intention changes and I am able to shift my processes to match my new goals. Frequently I work with people to help them achieve their goals in the health and wellness space; oftentimes, it takes two to three initial consultation-style meetings to work with a client to develop their true goal. Read more>>

Lisa Peranzo | Certified Fitness Instructor

Don’t ever give up. In the space of fitness, I never want to see you quit on yourself. I want to see you constantly progressing, moving forward, and getting stronger. I know you can do it. I know you’re strong, I know you’re capable, and I know you’ve made it through every single bad day you’ve ever had in your life so there’s no reason why a workout should stand in your way. I also know that the only limitations we put on ourselves are ones we create in our own imagination. Read more>>

Eva Luz Carrillo | Owner & Jewelry Designer, Edgy Chola Designs

With regards to pursuing your career or passions, I don’t believe that giving up should ever be an option. When you find yourself at a crossroads, it helps to take a step back and reassess your current situation from a different angle. Read more>>