TV, Movies, and culture in general sometimes paints a narrow, specific image of what success is, but we know from our conversations with some of the best and brightest that success can mean vastly different things to different people.

Peter Scheu | Photographer & Professional Cloud Surfer

As a photographer, success to me is when I can convey that same feeling of solace, tranquility, and awe I found in a moment of nature’s magnificence to someone else with one of my images. Photography isn’t just about creating visual beauty. Rather, when I can ignite the same strong emotions I felt witnessing that scene in others as well, that’s when I know I have succeeded in creating an great photo. I love to treat life as a great adventure – we should never forget that every day is a gift. Read more>>

Deepali Bhandari | Software Professional, Founder and CEO

Such a sought after instinct to uphold, ‘Success’ societally has many connotations. Some describe it as having reached a pinnacle moment, others refer to as a journey that they got to traverse, as opposed to attaining the absolute milestone. For me it has always been a challenge to put a definition around the ‘topic’. As a child, I do remember being very competitive whether it was to be at top of my class, or trying to win at a ‘carrom’ game with family members. This continued even until college. Read more>>

Angela Noble | Noble Intent Studio & Digital Marketing Agency

Success doesn’t have to be about money, a good portfolio, note-worthy clientele, or any of the other things you see hyped up at business seminars, conferences, and on Instagram. It took me a long time, and still takes a conscious effort to not measure my worth in dollars. Success for me means the ability to stay home with my canine kids and provide a home to foster dogs in need, it means the flexibility to go to community meetings and represent the under-represented in my neighborhood, it means the extra time I can choose to set aside to be involved in leadership roles in professional organizations such as my local business association, it means the ability to take time off unquestioned to prioritize self-care. Read more>>

Holly Berkley | Author & Internet Marketing Consultant

For me, success is defined by freedom + the ability to help others achieve their success. Freedom to set my own work schedule and design my own path while continuing to grow professionally and personally. This success is directly tied to having the right team in place. My team of work colleagues, fellow contractors, mentors + entrepreneurs who work together to successfully push client projects through, as well as my personal support team of family, friends and neighbors. Success can’t happen in a vacuum. Read more>>

Richard Henderson | Fashion Designer

I think success is defined by finding how to start your this is already a sign of success. Then you must keep it going by knowing your customers needs. Take the time to know how to invest in it as you go and be happy doing it. Happiness in what you love doing allows time in learning the business side of designing, especially during these times. Read more>>

Diego Narvaez | Visual Artist & Landscape Painter

I believe success is an idea that is constantly changing and that we should revisit often. I’ve found that my idea of success when I started as an artist was to have big shows, travel abroad for ambitious projects and leave my mark on the History of Art. Now I laugh about that idea. Now I tend to think locally and about the connections, I want to generate with my artwork. Through landscape painting, I want to open questions about the ways in which we relate to the environment. I’m not interested in sending a single message but to get the viewer to engage with the piece and set their imagination free. Read more>>

“Miss” Britney Rae | Self-Portrait Artist, Model, & Photographer

I’ve always been adamant about success being subjective. For some, achieving a level of fame or wealth is the desired outcome. I feel successful in the ways I’ve connected to others through art and networking. I feel humbled by the inspiration I’ve given and in turn received on a creative, and personal level. I’m able to reach people in ways I otherwise would never have had the opportunity to! I believe that art is meant to be transcendent; to evoke thought and feeling. When you see a photograph, you don’t just see pixels or grain. Read more>>

Uliana Doro | Creative Artist & Entrepreneur

SUCCESS… is hearing that I inspired someone. Either by creating wood burned art for people to enjoy, inspiring somebody to start woodburning, or by pushing boundaries on the mountain. The most inspiring thing for me is courage and passion, when I see it in somebody else, I am fueled in their wonder. Read more>>

Teal Cooper | Co-Founder

To me, success is about controlling how you spend your time. I think the most important qualities in order to achieve that level of success is to never be complacent and to find something you truly love that lights a fire inside of you. Time is all we have and I want to make as big of an impact on the world that I possibly can with the little time we do have. Read more>>