Most people say they want success, but when you ask them what success means you get wildly different responses.  We recently asked some of the best and brightest in our community to tell us about how they define success and have shared their responses below.

Sarah Wright | Artist and Psychotherapist

Success to me has always been such an interesting concept that is extremely subjective culture to culture and person to person. Growing up in a upper class home, success was defined differently than I think most others are taught success is. Keeping food on the table or buying needs and wants was never a concern, so success was always presented as doing what makes you happy. As I got older and gained more experience in the world, I realized that success is really about balance; balance of doing what makes happy while also providing for yourself, helping others or the greater community, and being fulfilled in whatever it is you do. I think being successful means enjoying your life day to day and being happy with who you are and where you are, while always acknowledging there is growth and learning to be done. My art has been a big part of this, acknowledging that it makes me happy and sometimes makes others happy as well. Read more>>

Abhinav Jain | Technical Business Consultant, Podcaster, Philosophical Entertainer

I’ll share how I think about success by first sharing what I think success is NOT. Success is NOT permanent. Success is NOT comparing myself to be better than someone else. Success is NOT waking up with the feeling of lack and misery. Success is NOT being upset with myself, or resenting my decisions. Success is NOT having an ungrateful heart. I believed success meant having millions of dollars, a big house, fast cars and cigars! As I’m turning 29 soon, I’ve re-assessed, what success really looks like to me. Success to me, is having control over my time and peace in my mind. I struggle with an overwhelming amount of negative emotions and therefore success to me is a daily mission. It’s waking up, finding balance, getting centered, grounded, being grateful, and recognizing the opportunities ahead. Overcoming negative emotions, not staying in a state of dis-satisfaction or feeling incomplete. Read more>>

Justin Griffin | Player Development Coach/Mentor & Real Estate Agent

Success to me is whatever you want it to be, whatever your personal level of success is. Too many people get to caught up on the success of others and start comparing their levels to the next person. I tried that when I was younger and it really didn’t work out for me. ‘Keeping up with the Jone’s” and thinking the ‘Grass is always greener on the other side’ really leads you in the wrong direction. Set your own personal goals, work towards them at your own pace, hold yourself accountable and don’t be afraid to fail. You will be surprised on how far you can go! My mom always told me to ‘Never stop learning, READ, READ, READ’. If you never stop learning, you will continue to create your own level of SUCCESS!. Read more>>

Peter Wilson | Musician | Songwriter | Producer

Success is like trying to climb up an escalator that’s going down. There’s a lot of steps, each one a little higher than the last. But the second you stop moving forward, you’re going back down. Each step can mean different things to different people. It’s all based on how you look at it. For some, they’re always looking for the top. The problem is, it doesn’t exist. Sure you can get pretty high up (Fame and fortune) but that alone won’t magically satisfy you if/when you get there. If you’re not able to find joy in your current space, then more success won’t magically fix your problems. If anything it can make them worse. Currently for me, success means that I get to wake up everyday and do what I love while making some money from it. 10 years ago I’d have given ANYTHING to be where I’m at now. Sure, I have my down days where I feel like I’m not doing enough, but when I look back at how far I’ve come it really drives me to keep going, and keep hitting my goals!. Read more>>

Janet Flores Pavlovich | Culinary Entrepreneur

Our cassava flour tortillas are handmade in small batches using authentic techniques from Sonora, Mexico. Our tortillas are a proof that you can have it all; clean label, flavor, texture and tradition. A tribute to the Tortilla. We got here thanks to all the effort and sacrifices that our team have made. We all believe in the brand and we are very passionate about it, enjoying every part of the process. Also thanks to our customers; we are very focus on serving and giving our best to them. Lots of challenges. Shipping have been one of the biggest. It has been a non-stop learning process. I’ve learned that you have to stay laser focus on your goal but with process flexibility. I am very proud and grateful that our cassava flour tortilla represents a part of my Sonoran roots with California love. Read more>>

Nikki Kaeswith | Kaeswith Group – Brand Director | Designer | Reator®

The decision to continue doing something, or to stop, is part of the art of operating a business, and that’s what makes every choice interesting. When it comes to making that decision, our advice is to listen to your clients. Your clients and their feedback will guide you in the direction that you need to be. We have come across challenges during our process, but our decision is to always to keep going. At the end of every project, our clients reaffirm that our services matter. They let us know that our services have created a unique value in their lives, their business growth, and have made a significant difference to better their community. Read more>>

Gina Altadonna | Artist

Being an artist can be a strange, and unforgiving career. There are so many times where it seems as though the “writing is on the walls,” so to speak, and giving up feels inevitable. Between the rejections, social and financial pressures, and overall self doubt, giving up seems almost sensible. One of the most important lessons I have learned over the years, as an artist, is that you cannot give up on who you are deep down. Art is pervasive, and it encompasses your whole soul. To give up on art is to give up on yourself. Art is an artists identity and it is their therapy. It’s so important to stay true to yourself in this world and to do what makes you feel the most whole. If you are honest and vulnerable in the studio, and if you have put in the time and dedication, opportunities will come. You never know when you will be seen, or your art recognized, so if you give up you will never know what could have been. For some, recognition happens early, and for others much much later, but that has no baring on your skill, ability, or voice as an artist. There is no time frame and no deadline on your hopes and aspirations. Read more>>

Marisol | Content Creator

There are a few moments throughout my life where I’ve faced this question. Should I keep going or do I give up? Most of the time the easy answer would be to give up, that way we don’t have to put in more effort or feel disappointed. The thing that I realized is that the easy way out is never going to make us grow, become better, face our fears or accomplish our goals. To keep going despite the obstacles is what makes it worth it in the end. With my blog, I’ve wanted to give up so many times but when I remember why I started it and realize that I still love doing it, it gives me the motivation I need to keep working on it. For me, as long as I know it will make me happy in the end, no matter how long it will take. I will always try my best and keep going. Read more>>

Abraham Musto | Creator of Yucko Toys

I absolutely struggle with recognizing success! One of my favorite comedians said this phrase on his podcast, “The winners circle is for losers that have never experienced success.” That is not something that resonates with me, but it did make me think. When I experience success I rarely want to stay in it and celebrate, because I would rather move on to the next thing. I think success is having the ability to stop and look around when you have accomplished a milestone. According to what I believe success is, I don’t believe I have ever had success. Maybe this coming year!. Read more>>