Loving what you do is like hitting the jackpot professionally.  Some people spend their lives exploring career paths without ever finding something they truly love, so we asked folks who love what they do why and what they love most about it.  We hope it inspires you to find something you love if you haven’t already.

Kayla Loreth | Owner and Photographer at K. Loreth Photography

As a parent, time flies by so quickly when it comes to watching my daughter grow up, so photos have been such an important part of my life for years. I love being able to capture the sweetest memories for my clients, whether it be for an engagement, celebrating a pregnancy, or just annual family photos, I feel joy knowing that they’ll be looking at these images and cherishing them for years to come. I get to meet a lot of wonderful people in this industry, between fellow photographers, vendors and clients, I’ve been very blessed to get to know them along the way. Read more>>

Lindsay Santa | Public Relations Agency Owner

I love my job working in Public Relations because every day is completely unique from the day before or the day ahead. I represent numerous clients across varied industries, it keeps each day fresh and challenging! One day I might be walking media with elephants or escorting a well known athlete to a special event. I’ve even been known to place a client on a CNN national broadcast. Read more>>

Dr. Kami Hoss | Co-founder & CEO of The Super Dentists

Dr. Hoss answered several Qs… Why do you love what you do? What do you love most about it? There are so many things I love about what I do. As a dentist and orthodontist, I can help people have more confidence, be happier and be healthier. Since oral health impacts so many aspects of our lives, I have an opportunity helping people in variety of ways. I also get to combine my love of science and art and use the hand dexterity I’ve developed from my musical training. And as a CEO of a company, I can help so many people follow their own dreams. Are you pursuing your passion? If so, why? If not, why? Absolutely, or I wouldn’t be doing it for so long. One of the secrets to happiness and success is loving what you do. Read more>>

Kathryn Rogers: Founder & CEO

I get to wake up every day and make delicious chocolate that makes people feel healthier and more connected. I’m literally living in the sweet spot… and make the world a better place. It’s a win-win-win. I often catch myself thinking: “I get to do this!” And whoever or whatever conspired to make this my life, I’m grateful every day. Even on the days where I work 16 hours straight – going from our chocolate truffle production kitchen to laying our product marketing plans and working through business growth strategies, it never feels like work. It brings me great joy to combine the things I love most — sustainability, wellness, mindfulness and decadent pleasure — in a product and brand that is reaching customers across the United States and creating a delicious shift. Read more>>

Dijana Fiorentino | Designer

I love creating new and innovative fashion story boards. As a part-time creative fashion director, designer, and accessory stylist, I often do fashion research trends to create inspirational campaigns and story boards. What I love most about it, is how much history research is involved in creating campaigns and collections. I draw inspirations from creative fashion icons, musicians, artists, and illustrators. Read more>>