We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

LaMar Queen and Jimmy Pascascio | LaMar Queen – Co-Founder, Director of Content and Jimmy Pascascio – Co-Founder, Director of Operations

LaMar Queen (LQ): The thing that makes me happiest is knowing that we have a business that is creating a positive impact on students’ and teachers’ lives. It’s providing opportunities for everyone involved in the business, opportunities to support our respective families and we’re able to be role models to our families, friends, and students. We’re able to show people that you can build a business while working and you can build a business without having angel investors. I’m happy that we can show people you can do what you put your mind to if you don’t give up. Read more>>

Mario Medina | Chef

Being able to help makes me happy because when I need it, there were people who did not think twice about helping me, for example, I like to donate my time to non-profit organizations, it is to be able to people who really need it, thank God, we are healthy when we ai many people who do need help Read more>>

Krishna Domakonda | Food enthusiast, culinarian and Business Analyst

Food makes me happy! Cooking for my loved ones has always been my way of showing affection. Experimenting with Indian flavors, cooking for friends and seeing their excitement while trying my food makes my day For me, coming out of my comfort zone and taking the first step to start the business was the hardest. From there it has been hard but equally exciting to finally do the things that I had always dreamt about. Read more>>