Thinking through whether to start a business – whether to take the risk, whether to go out on your own – isn’t easy.  So we asked some entrepreneurs we admire to tell us about how they thought through the process of starting a business.

Ryley Fredericksen | Content Creator

My thought process behind starting my own business definitely did not start as, “I want to start my own business.” I always say the three ingredients that made gradgirls happen were: 1. I wanted to find a space where I could showcase my very talented female friends 2. If I find out a business is female-owned, I can’t help but research the crap out of it. I wanted to have an outlet of what I have been teaching myself. 3. I feel so lucky to have had a lot of guidance through the end of high school, through my undergrad, and beyond. I started to realize not everyone is so lucky. I wanted to enable a community to be each other’s big sisters in these stages of life. One day it just dawned on me I could fulfill all of these things through starting a blog/community/media brand, so that’s how gradgirls came to be. Read more>>

Shweta Rao | Instagram Content Creator

Starting something new after giving up on a corporate career of 15 years is never easy. Especially when the new venture is something completely different from your educational background. However what worked in my favor was that I started something that I am truly passionate about – Fashion and Skincare. Fashion and styling has always worked in my favor, so spreading the ideas through social media just seemed so right. My Instagram Page – The Sixyard Saga speaks about Fashion (Primarily South Asian Fashion), Vintage fabrics & a bit of Makeup & Skincare. I try to keep my page very relatable and applicable in day to day styling. I am that 40 year old brown lady next door 🙂 Read more>>

Megan Fenyoe | Air Force Veteran, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist (LCSW), TEDx Speaker, 2x Best Selling Author, Host of The Blonde Bombshell Podcast and I Am Enough TV and Founder and CEO of the international I AM ENOUGH movement ™

I have gone through many struggles throughout my life – most recently enduring a narcissistic abusive marriage. When I finally left that marriage, I was left traumatized, empty and damaged. Often times she had no idea how I was going to continue. I felt so damaged and empty. When I tapped into my inner being, the messages I received were: “You’re worthless.” “You’re not wanted.” And the worst one…“You are not good enough!”’ I created a story in my head that I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t a good wife, therapist, daughter, sister, friend. Read more>>

Jessica Potts | Accountant/QBO ProAdvisor Specializing in 501(c)(3) Organizations

Freedom. I was crying myself to work everyday. I knew I had a skillset which was grossly underpaid across several business sectors and that I could make more money while working from home. I had a child to raise and bills to pay, making 80% less than what I should have been making on an hourly basis just wasn’t feasible anymore. I also knew I could provide a helpful service to fellow entrepreneurs who didn’t have the means to hire a staff member to handle their accounting. I recognized the accounting sector was changing fast because of technology and that I had to keep up with it to make any real money in my lifetime. Read more>>

Bob Hudson | Photo Gallery Owner

I have enjoyed taking photos since getting my first camera while in grade school. My love for photography took a leap forward with my first SLR camera and the love of travel. Now, I continue to master my skills at iPhone photography and photo editing. My business allows me to organize my favourite photos while offering them for sale to anyone interested in purchasing photo products. Read more>>