A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever. As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a thing as work-life balance. We reached out to the community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

Amanda DiSilvestro | Content Marketer & Writer

I have always taken work-life balance very seriously. Living in San Diego and being in my 20s, I felt so energized to go to work every day and then sit at a coffee shop and work in the evenings. This worked for me because of where I was in my life, and I loved it! However, as I got older and found out I was pregnant with my first son, I knew I needed to make a shift and work less, but I didn’t exactly know how to do that. In a very unexpected turn of events, the pandemic helped make this decision for me when I got laid off from my job. Read more>>

Amanda Cisneros | Artist, Therapist & Small Business Owner

My journey towards optimal work-life balance is still very much in progress. From 9 to 5, I work as a Marriage and Family Therapist, which is emotionally draining at times, especially because of the pandemic, so I often need time to unwind and relax after I get home. Throughout my life, art was always my favorite way to unwind, however, when I started my small business last year, I needed to set clearer boundaries in my relationship with art in order to avoid creative burn out. Read more>>

Michelle Miller | Sculptural jewellery Artist

I have been an artist for over 30 years. At the beginning, I worked a lot! I had an expensive studio to upkeep and the materials I was using then were also expensive. I felt like I was basically working to keep working. At this time, I was a glass blower and I had small business with a good friend of mine. I did not have a family and could not forsee affording the time to have any children. Some major life changes happened, my mother died and soon after my partner’s husband died. Soon I was on my own with my glass business and seemed too much. Many questions emerged? Read more>>

Gordon Chavez | Financial Consultant

I used to separate work and life. More recently, I’ve come to believe that if you strive to earn a living doing something that is in complete alignment with your personal values, work/life balance becomes less stressful. Secondly, if you’re able to position yourself in a way where you’re in control of your time, you can then decide how much time you give to earning a living and how much you give to family and loved ones. Creating a source that generates passive income can be very helpful in controlling your time. Read more>>

J Skitzo | HipHop Producer/Artist

Yeah, work/life balance can definantly be a challenge for me sometimes. It can be hard managing hanging out with friends, keeping healthy relationships, as well as keeping a steady income and trying to create the best music I possibly can but I try to usually just focus on what I feel is best for me at the time because I’ve learned that is what works best in my life. Read more>>

Tina Creswell | Owner – Death Trip Vintage

I’m always working to have a healthier more sustainable work/life balance. Being a small business owner can be extremely liberating for your time but it also requires a lot of discipline. People glamorize escaping the dreaded monotony of a 9-5 but you also have to be prepared to sacrifice nights and weekends as well as all of the unknown variables that come into play when working for yourself. Read more>>

Alison McLean | I help entrepreneurs grow their business, while caring for their health and enjoying life in the process.

When I first started my business there was so much I wanted to do. I’m also a bit of a hustler by nature, so once my business got momentum it felt like it was out of control. All of a sudden I found myself working early mornings, teaching late evening classes, and trainings and workshops on the weekend. It took my cancer and Lynch Syndrome diagnosis to open my eyes to how I was living. So I did a ton of research, and found entrepreneurs to follow and be inspired by that actually lived their lives while growing their business. So now, that’s what I help other entrepreneurs to do. Read more>>