It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, but it’s important to stop and ask: what’s the end goal? Knowing where you are trying to go is step one in getting there and so we’ve asked some folks we admire to tell us their end goal and where they want to be by the end of their careers.

Codi Johnson | Social Media Strategist

I want to be able to fully work for myself and with the steps I’ve put into place now, I think I’m getting close to that goal. I’d ultimately love to be the owner a full-service agency, where we offer direct and digital marketing services, social media management and campaign management, email marketing, content creation, and web development services. Read more>>

Envy | SoCal Rock Band

Ideally we’d like to travel around and share our music with more and more people in different cities, states, maybe even countries. We want everyone to be able to come together and enjoy our music, and it definitely helps that we have a blast making it. Read more>>

Deja Drewit | Artist and Oracle deck creator

When I look back at my career, my end goal has always changed. I think that is because we all change as we grow and become wiser. The more we do something the more we get clarity on what we like and don’t like and what fulfills our soul. When I was a graphic designer fresh out of college, I used to just dream about making money. Once I started making money, it was no longer enough for me. There was something more. I realized about 8 years ago that money alone was not enough for me and what that missing piece was. I wanted purpose. I really wanted my work to touch lives and not just collect a paycheck. It truly mattered to me that I am not just here for myself but that my work can help and inspire others. Read more>>

Alex Meza | Life Coach

It nowadays seems like success is the endgame. However, for me, the end game is to reach as many people as possible. I wish to inspire those who don’t believe in themselves. I want to show them a world where they are in control of their lives. Many people go through life doubting themselves, filling themselves with unrealistic ideals of beauty and success. Social media has a big part in this aspect of life. Through the same method, my goal is to remind people that what is real is what they have within themselves. Not the fame, wealth, or excessive beauty portrayed in social media. ‘The purpose of my career is to help everyone see they are the grass across the path; they are the greener grass. Read more>>

Zol | Artist and Tattoo Apprentice

I’m from Arandas, Jalisco in Mexico. I was brought over when I was just two years old and have lived in America ever since. I’m one of 8 children in my family, and we all grew up very close knit. My dad has been a musician for as long as I remember, and taught each of us an instrument and took us to see his performances with his Norteña band. My mom has been a home maker, and made sure we always had just what we needed. I’m really the only one of my siblings that turned out to be a visual artist, but I’ve liked to try different hobbies throughout my life- I tend to get bored easily. Read more>>

Bag Nation | Background

Bagnation has 6 members. Each of our members is from all different parts of the world. 3 from Africa, and 3 from the southern part of the united states. We started our brand at San Diego State University coming together as one to fulfill a unified goal. Our different backgrounds helped us uniquely helped us set a culture that is inclusive to the whole world. Read more>>

Timothy Wilson Hoey | artist

I grew up in an “unfunctional functional’ home. It was weird, early 70s, single mom, lots of folks visiting thru the house. Leftover hippies, artists, and all the while my mother was getting her teacher certificate so we had a more traditional flow of people thru as well. My own father was a vetrinarian and I was expected to be 3rd generation vet following him. All that led to this huge mix of influences, and never quite knowing where to fit in. When I was first introduced to punk rock at 12 years old (1980), the variety and mix of the scene, music styles and art, particularly in a small town like Victoria, gave me a place where i never had to conform to one established norm. Read more>>