We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Ania Prange | Owner of Ania Glam Lab

I have considered myself an artist my entire life. I remember the first time I told someone I see things as shapes and colors and they looked so confused! I bring that approach to my work. I look at an individuals hair or face and I see a blank canvas that I was given the honor of making into a masterpiece. I love to paint and create and I thought about how I could pursue this passion and make it into a career. And that’s how Ania Glam Lab was born! I love to enhance peoples natural skin and hair tones and make them feel like the best versions of themselves. Read more>>

Carissa Weber | Artist

Growing up, I always felt different than those around me and didn’t care as much about the things other people seemed to care about. I always wondered about the deeper questions in life–why are we here, and what does it all mean?! Most adults I knew lived “normal” lives—regular 9-5 jobs, house, marriage, kids. They cared about sports and “normal” things. It all felt so foreign, so I just assumed something was wrong with me. Not being exposed to any full time artists or entrepreneurs, it took me longer to realize this was a possible life path for me than perhaps others. Read more>>

Oktay Ortabasi | Cinematographer

My wife and I both went to film school at SDSU. We wanted to make films but didn’t really have any contacts in the film industry. Setting up our own production company was a way for us to get our foot in the door. But creativity was the goal and our business was a side affect of trying to find a way to survive but do what we loved. I like discovering new things about the world and myself everyday and filmmaking, to me is the best way to do that. Read more>>