We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Kyong Bell | Cake Artist

Mainly because my creative talents are what I’m am most confident about. I have always loved creating art. My mind is always churning over ideas. I am constantly thinking about the next thing I want to try to make. It would be hard to imagine having a career that didn’t include artistic creativity. I simply love working with my hands, and trying to use my hands to make the things that float around in my head a reality. Read more>>

Selah Marting | Service Dog Trainer and Program Instructor

Growing up, animals were always a big part of my life and definitely influenced why I chose the career I have today. When I began looking into colleges, every degree option I saw was of zero interest to me. The thought of another 4 years of school studying something I didn’t care about was very discouraging. That’s when I found Bergin University of Canine Studies and it changed my life! Read more>>

Christian St. Croix | Playwright

I wasn’t seeing myself reflected in the American Theatre. I was seeing the stories of my people, but I wasn’t seeing my story. I wanted to pursue a career where I could use my imagination to build worlds of magic, myth, and boundless possibility for queer Black people who also don’t see their stories reflected from the stage. Read more>>

Shannon Pierce | Floral Designer

After 20 years in the industry I still find satisfaction and happiness when arranging different types of flowers together to make them even more beautiful. For my, my art is using flowers and plants to make someone’s day just a bit brighter. Like most of us, Covid brought with it so many challenges for me to overcome. It also gave me an opportunity to take a good look into what I want out of life and what I was passionate about. After years of using bartending to support my floral work, I decided to take the leap and devote 100% of my time to my business. I’m so glad I did. My shop is my solace and it’s where I feel the most myself. I hope others find it to be just as special as I do. Read more>>