We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Cesar Naranjo | Artist, music producer, content creator

I feel i have a lot of things to say to the world and arts and music, are a good way to comunicate it. In fact, music also has the power to heal many diseases like depression, anxiety, etc. Read more>>

Tremain Josie | Artist & Creative Producer

I have always been a creative person in general. I have an overactive imagination and love seeing my ideas come to life. Music just so happened to be the thing I was consistent with most of my life and I’m continuously getting better at. It’s also a good thing because so many other creative things can branch off from it so while I excel at my main craft, I can grow into another. Read more>>

Young Hutchison | Professional tribute (Rolling Stones) musician

For some kids growing-up in some areas, baseball players were their idols, and who they aspired to be. Or basketball players or perhaps even a fireman. But growing-up for me, all I ever wanted to be was a rock-star, there just wasn’t anything cooler than that to me. AND girls would talk to you if you were a cool musician dude… Read more>>

Doug MacDonald | Jazz guitarist/composer/arranger

I feel it is something that stands out and gets your attention! Choosing a music career is not for everyone. I think you have to want this above everything else ! Read more>>

Matt Alward | Podcaster, Movie Fanatic, Avid Comic Collector

It’s freeing and rewarding Read more>>

Melissa Reaves | Musician

I don’t really think I had much of a choice in the matter. I truly believe leave Being an artist and creativity was simply woven in the fabric of my being from the day I was born. And then fostered by my mother who involved me in music music at a very early age. Read more>>