We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Allison Pearce | Acting, Voice and Speech, Song Performance Coach and Yoga Instructor

For me it was all about the balance of life. Success continues to feel and mean something different as life changes. But I feel my best when I am healthy (working out, yoga, eating right, having some alone time), family and friend time, enjoying nature, living my truth, laughing and of course working in the performing arts. I also am a teacher and that is another scale of success. Not so much in the hierarchy of status but measuring my students success and growth. Read more>>

Katie Wagner | CEO of KWSM: a Digital Marketing Agency

For the past 10 years, I have deliberately stepped away from my company twice a year. It started as a one-week break, then two weeks, and now I disappear for an entire three week stretch. During that time, I don’t take phone calls or check emails, I have no contact with our clients, and the team isn’t allowed to tell me anything about what happens at the agency. Instead, I use the time to assess every aspect of my business: our services and how they are delivered, our team and how they are chosen and developed, our marketing plan, branding, and ‘story’ about who we are as an agency, our growth plan and goals for the future. When I return, I give the State of the Company address, where I share all my findings with the team, and talk about our goals and initiatives moving forward. Read more>>

Jorge Torres (A.K.A Limbo Mask): Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Artist

One of the abitos that helped me continue to grow as an illustrator It was practicing many hours and knowing how to observe the details, it is also worth mentioning that the inspiration of some friends helped me improve my work and challenge myself to improve every day. Read more>>