We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Lily Soleil Correa | Multifaceted Artist & Creative Organizer

I disagree with the idea of having an aesthetic. In terms of visual crafts, I wholeheartedly feel that having a set “look” for every project creates an expectation for future work and is not only detrimental to our own ability to expand on our talents as artists but I think it staggers people’s impressionability of what we can create. When people know what to expect from you, nothing really catches them off guard and soon enough nothing really catches their attention either. I know that subscribing to an aesthetic can lead to quick leaps in success because as humans it feels so satisfying to watch complementary visuals together and we inherently enjoy making connections based on similarities (which to me explains the success of massive blogs on Tumblr or artists who specialize in a look that screams who they are). Read more>>

Ana Phelps | Fine Art Photographer

“Follow the Rules” In traditional Photography and Business there are so many rules you should follow. And in general that should be a good path to go. But some of my best Photographs were taken by breaking the rules. It is said to never shoot against the sun. I love shooting against the sun and making it a Sun Ray in my pieces. This is just one example. Same in running your business, sometimes a rule breaking moment is what will give you a break. I think in the creative world, the ability to create is the ability to imagine something different. Different from the rules. Read more>>

Christopher Kelly | Co-Founder & CEO

There is a misconception, at least in my experience, that hard work always get’s the job done. There is an expectation for entrepreneurs and business owners to pull 12 hour workdays most days of the week. This work ethic, or really lack thereof, get’s pushed throughout the entire company. If an employer is working the long days, the employees will be expected to as well. There’s no doubt that some situations call for the extra work, but simply showing up won’t get the job done. I have my best ideas when I’m not at work. If I leave for a walk around the block I’ll come up with solutions to problems that have been nagging me all day. It’s the same for my employees. Everyone needs room to function, if the job is all about punching the clock you’ll never be getting the best out of your team. Especially in the creative field. Read more>>

Kirin Macapugay | Cultural Educator

I cringe when people say, “this is just how it is.” I believe we do have the view the world in its full reality,but it’s more important to see potential, to envision what the world COULD be. Read more>>