Starting a business is a commitment and requires dedication, resources and sacrifice. We asked some of the rising stars in our community how they thought through the idea of starting their own businesses.

Ally Archer | Entrepreneur & World Traveler

When I started my business a little over five years ago, my biggest motivation was to be able to be completely location-independent so I could live wherever and travel whenever. I knew I didn’t want to work at a corporate job for a few years, save up, quit, and travel for a few months and then repeat the process like some travelers do. When I was getting started, I kept thinking about how I could get creative when it came to traveling more often and being able to afford it. Read more>>

Courtney Sahagun | Baker

It all started with planning my daughter’s first birthday party in 2019 with a guestlist that included very few one year olds, all of my friends, and vast amounts of family. I have never been one to shy away from any opportunity to host a party, so I wanted to go all out. Needless to say, my daughter, Savannah (Savvy), deserved a first birthday party with the most extravagant dessert bar. This dessert bar included all the color coordinated candies, cupcakes, and of course, the fanciest of all cookies, french “macaroons”, because I thought they were aesthetically pleasing, not because I’ve actually eaten one before. Read more>>

Rachel Pacheco | Mama I Craft & PlayMaker

Hi, my name is Rachel. Thank you, I am so grateful for this opportunity to share about my shop. Having my own business was never something I would have ever thought I would own or do. I became an early childhood preschool teacher, and my life was focused on my work. So, I taught about ten years and eventually left after staying home from maternity leave. I went through everything a new Mom would go through and more especially adjusting to not working anymore and focusing on my baby. I would create activities and invitations to Play for my daughter. PLAY and sensory activities were always part of the day for us and was one of my favorite activities to set up for her. I felt at home again creating and crafting with my daughter. Read more>>

Taylor Keightley | Health Care Professional, Blogger/Influencer, & Photographer

That is a great question. I actually started my blog ( because I have always been told that people liked my writing style. People have told me that they can hear my voice in my writing and that is what makes it unique. My blogs surrounded different topics around life/relatable things (i.e. faith, traveling, my career as a full-time child life specialist in addition to all my side hustles). With blogging, I feel influencing came with it. I began to partner with brands such as Fabletics, Aveeno, Windsor, L’Oreal, and Dyson to name a few. Read more>>

Nedra Flansburg | Bridal Salon Owner

I can do better! I Know this business inside and out! I love the customer and with focus here, I will be successful! Plan my path….I just couldn’t see myself working for another company. I did think about Money, could I afford the risk? I fell in love with a cottage in the Village of Carlsbad and once I had the location everything fell into place. Read more>>

Ricard Jorge | Illustrator

When I started I didn’t have too much real work to show. I didn’t want to stand around waiting for work so I decided to start doing personal projects in different fields. Posters, covers collections, illustrated products, also for different fields such as editorial, automotive, motion, sport, etc. This way showed how I could solve real assignments and eventually I got them reinforcing the portfolio base. Read more>>

Heather Cook Stiefel | Style Coaching + Real Estate Home Staging

My motivation for starting a business came from a combination of factors that culminated in late 2020. Although I had completed my real estate home staging certification back in 2015 and had done projects on the side for several years, I had not made the commitment to full time, opting to keep my career in healthcare transportation for stability (and let’s face it, out of a complete and utter fear of failure). Despite the security my day job provided, I found it extremely draining, and I wasn’t feeling good about the work I was doing. Fast forward a few months to Q4 2020. Read more>>

Jenna Rose Katlik | Spiritual Counselor

The purpose of starting my journey with my business was to get back to the roots of myself and heal from any past tramatic and negative experiences that were holding me back. If I was feeling disconnected from myself, I was sure there were others looking at ways to reconnect, whether it was back to themselves, nature, ancestors, belief systems, or some other combination. So that was my goal and I have been able to help and relate to so many amazing, incredible souls. Read more>>

Jasmond Marie Turner | Business Owner

As a mom of 2 girls. I have always had a passion for giving my kids these over the top parties , and pretty much doing everything myself. Once I had a plan set on what I wanted things to look like & how I wanted it to go there was absolutely no stopping me. My creative juices started to flow and I became interested in what all I could possibly do. Not only for my girls but, friends , families , & even friends of friends. My thought process behind starting a business was wanting to be being able to be my own Boss. I understood that the ride wouldn’t easy but what did I have to loose. Being a business owner would allow more time & stability for my daughters. Creating a family business. Read more>>