We’ve always believed that forming a strategy is impossible until your clear on what your values and principles are. Without values and principles to guide you, making decisions can seem impossibly difficult. Given how important setting values and principles is to decision making we asked folks we admire to tell us about the values or principles that matter most to them.

Valerie Garza | Mobile Massage

The most important principal behind building my vision of Sea Breeze has been that it I want it to be a win/win/win for everyone involved with the company. A win for the client by providing the highest calibur Massage Therapists who are only focused on their wellness, not on high-pressure sales of unnecessary add-ons. Read more>>

Jacki Potorke | Wedding & Brand Photographer

As an Enneagram 4 (if you know you know…if not look it up, it’s a super helpful tool) authenticity is one of my core values. I have always strived to be true to myself, so when I discovered the Enneagram years ago and started learning more about my type, The Individualist, I started understanding why I held such a high standard for myself to “be myself.” It takes bravery to be yourself sometimes and it is not always easy but it is always worth it. It has taken a lot of inner work and reflection to get where I am currently and I know there is always more work to do, but I feel proud of the work I have done to become more authentic and to step into my truth. Authenticity to me in my life means being in the present moment, living with conviction, being confident in who I am, communicating openly and sincerely, aligning my actions with my ideals, and letting my spirit lead. Authenticity to me in my business/art means holding honesty to the highest standard, documenting the candid, showing up in a real & genuine way, not copying but digging deep to find my own unique voice. Read more>>

Leeanne Antonio | Founder & CEO, Bad Day Box

Gratitude always serves me a generous pour. Whether I’m receiving or giving gratitude, it can really turn my day around. Gratitude is simple, pure, free, and the world needs more of it often. My business Bad Day Box was born out of gratitude. I had so many friends show up for me in unexpected ways during my hardest days. In a way, Bad Day Box is a love letter back to them and an opportunity for others to feel this too. I tend to find where there is gratitude, there is purpose. Most recently, I volunteered at UCSD at a vaccination site and so many people thanked me for volunteering my time. Since the pandemic I have craved this human interaction, and wanting to help. It was what I really needed. Read more>>

Melanie Rogers | Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Pilates Trainer (MS, FDN-P)

I value our sovereign right to be empowered and in charge of our own health and healing. My passion is to teach and coach upon the principles holistic health optimization including customized nutrition, actionable lifestyle hacks, smart supplementation, needle-mover stress reduction techniques and mind/body/soul work. I believe that many chronic diseases are result of ignoring these important pillars of health, and anyone can benefit from a natural approach to health. Read more>>

Kehaulani @wonderstruckphotograhy | Photographer and Unapologetic Optimist

Like everything in life I don’t believe there is one thing that can successfully stand on it’s own without the help of many variables. However, for the purpose of a response, the first thing that came to mind particularly at this moment in time, is diversity. Diversity provides insight into things we may never have known about otherwise. With diversity we have a broader perspective and more information to consider when deciding on something or expressing our ourselves or opinions. With the understanding of various cultures and social groups we have a greater chance of making connections from our own lives to theirs which will help alleviate fear and dispel negative stereotypes. Allowing for diversity helps ensure that all people have value no matter our differences. Read more>>

Sara Roth | Certified Health Coach and Mama

Feeling in alignment is what matters most to me. When I am aligned with love and with my purpose, I experience happiness, connection & positivity. Aligning my mind, body & soul allows me to go with the flow of life rather than resisting it. When I’m out of alignment, I feel stress, anxiety and unhappiness. Read more>>

Araceli Cervantes | Dancer & Human Resources Professional

The value that matters the most to me is perseverance because it is important to keep taking the steps in life that are needed to reach your goals. No matter how far out of reach something may seem at times, taking one step at a time to reach your goals will lead you to success. Read more>>