We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Anne Fennell | K-12 Music Program Manager, SDUSD, CMEA President-Elect

As a music educator for 32 years, and now in administration, I am still shocked that people don’t understand the amount of preparation that is required to be a great educator. The preparation happens outside of the word day and the work or school day is the presentation of all of the work. It’s an incredible time commitment to ensure that all students’ needs are being met. Read more>>

Douglas Raggio | Founder, Pass the Honey

Few consumers are aware that liquid honey is the 3rd most fraudulent food in the world. Nearly 80% of all liquid honey on retail shelves has been blended with processed sugars and syrups, cut like drugs. Or it’s been heated to muddy its origin and skirt testing for adulteration. Quite simply, liquid honey can’t be trusted and there’s a strong case that most U.S. consumers have never tasted true honey. It’s a sad state of affairs that we are battling with our snacking honey (aka honeycomb). Read more>>

estefany camacho | RastaFanny Photography

My industry is about photography of concerts specialized in the reggae genre in Tijuana, Mexico, San Diego and Los Angeles. They probably don’t know the culture, the music, the people etc … many people think it’s just standing there and taking out your camera and taking the picture. And it is not like that, it is a process in which you do not have control of the light as of the artist, sometimes you spend hours standing there to be able to take a good photo. I want them to know about music through my photographs that they are curious to know and hear new things. Read more>>