We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Stan Prokopenko | Artist and Teacher

Most people are probably unaware of just how much time I spend running my business compared to the amount of time I actually dedicate to drawing or painting. When you’re a freelance artist, your focus is on your art because you need to produce a lot of it for your clients. My business model is online education so I’m spending much more of my time filming, scripting, editing, researching, and marketing courses. As time goes on and my business has grown I’ve been able to hire other people to assist me with these tasks, but new things still crop up that take me away from being an artist full time. My goal though is to eventually get to a point where I can achieve a certain level of independence from my business and go back to drawing and painting. Read more>>

Sara Sandoval | Business Owner/Lowrider

Our industry is more about culture, tradition and respect. We turned what used to be viewd as criminal activity into an activity that is accepted by young and old alike, public and civil leaders. Our motto is “Lowriding is not a crime, Lowriding is a lifestyle”. We went from being chased and stopped by SDPD to having formed relationships with them. It truly was a labor of love. Our business showcases the Lowriding lifestyle. Besides being a business we also run community events from our place of business. These events include however not limited to food drives and distribution, toy drives and distributions, promoting our local artists so they can sell their merchandise at The Shop. We feature local food vendors at our events. Our La Vuelta Brand is trademarked and recogognized as far as Japan. Read more>>

Yahel Yan | Painter and Printmaker

Being an artist entails much more than just painting! Painting and creating for me is simply the fun part of being an artist, but there are many other less fun aspects. When a painting is ready you need to varnish it, put a wire or a hanging hook, label it, archive the data on a spreadsheet, photograph it, uploaded it onto the website, submit it to a show or gallery, announce it on social media, promote it like any other business will promote their product, so on and so forth. Being an artist means being the owner of your own business; people don’t realize how much work goes into each painting and we need to educate people to pay for the product offered and the price assigned shouldn’t be negotiable. We paint for passion and we sell so we can paint more. So yes, being an artist is a full time job—it’s a profession, not a hobby. Read more>>