How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Becky LeBret | Founder Lotus Launch

After playing a relatively safe and stable W2 work life for the majority of my career, I ventured into a nonprofit entrepreneurial venture in 2016. I launched an all-girls tuition-free boarding high school for underserved youth. The odds were stacked against us in the education space and it was also a complicated project. Then the pandemic hit right as we launched. Even though we were backed by a major foundation, the Charles Koch Foundation this venture, Sisu Academy, ultimately ended in failure in March 2020. We couldn’t manage to hang  Read more>>

Melissa Rodriguez | Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

Everything we do in this life has some sort of risk; the difference is if we’re willing to look back on those risks that didn’t work out, rather than the chances we didn’t take at all. I am a practical person, and I am always looking into the positive & negative outcomes that might come from going after certain things. But someone once told me that nothing bad ever comes from taking a risk. We learn and we grow, no matter what the outcome is. Read more>>

Jessica Nichole | Researcher, Author, Culinary Creative

Simply stated, taking risks is something that still induces anxiety. I consider myself very cerebral, and my Libra inclinations tend to caution me to weigh pros and cons before making decisions. Yet even when everything is meticulously laid out on paper, you come to realize that any decision you make is never 100% risk-free. Consequently, I find myself dancing back-and-forth between pushing forward with my ideas or holding back. More recently, I have come to understand that taking risks is more than analyzing what I see on paper. What often prevents me from taking risks is the fear of judgment. Read more>>

Mykel Dedmon | Graphic Designer & Printer

Risk taking… This is a saying that is often associated with fear. Because the direct byproduct of (a risk) uncertainty or being uncomfortable is fear. It is in our nature to fear what we don’t know. We as humans love to be comfortable, safe, and secure. But, Something that I’ve learned through my experience as a professional dancer is that when I was uncomfortable, I wasn’t growing. Read more>>

Connor Muhs | Tattoo Artist and Illustrator

I love this question. So many people will tell me “I can’t believe you would just move across the country without any family or friends. I just could never” or some variation of that. Most people will think of a courageous person and figure they are sure of themselves, that they know what they’re doing. The truth is, you must simply do, roll with the outcome, and grow from it. Courage comes after the act of doing and ONLY by doing. The more experience you have with “doing”, the more confidence you have in yourself that you can handle whatever the outcome is. Read more>>