“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Jessica Clarke-Dennis | Shannon Wheelwright & Jess Clarke-Dennis | Add Joy Botanicals

We believe actively seeking out the positive in life and finding joy is so important. Often life gets so crazy and busy that we forget to take a moment and do something for ourselves that brings us joy. We have been friends for over a decade and we have shared this value from the beginning. We both have a very strong work ethic but have always made it a priority to take the time to get outdoors. Whether it’s a quick walk in a field or a 3 day road trip to Tahoe and back. We squeeze these things in because for us, nature and friendship bring us the most joy and are the biggest reminder of what there is to be grateful for. When the opportunity to purchase Add Joy Botanicals from our friend arose we knew it was perfect for us. By using the most natural ingredients and nature inspired scents, we are now able to bottle the joy we have found in our lives and share it with the world. Each product’s label has a reminder to add joy, to be present and to live through love. Read more>

Elizabeth Greene | Writer, Advocate, Yoga Instructor

My deepest values are authenticity and integrity. Who are you and what are you about? If we’re committed to embodying authenticity in our lives and decisions, we are far more likely to end up on a path most aligned with our purpose. That being said, there are actually very few of us who have the courage to live in this space. The world around us often makes it feel impossible, and sometimes it feels easier or more comfortable to just fit in and stay quiet. Authentic living, however, can give us the courage to do the hard thing, make the difficult choice, or walk away from bad situations—even when doing so feels terrifying. Authenticity gives us the courage to go against the grain when it matters most, to stand up for what is right, for what we believe in, even when others lack the courage. More than that, authenticity and integrity keep us humble and growing. When we are rooted and grounded in our truth, we’re able to admit when we’re wrong or when we’ve made a mistake and to then take action to make things right. Read more>>

Jocelyn Francisco | Licensed Clinical Psychologist

As a psychologist, an important exercise I have clients do is identify their values. Personal values are a central part of who you are – and who you want to be. By becoming mindful of these important factors in your life, it can be a useful guide to decision-making. Some of life’s decisions are really about determining what you value most. I value love. We all have the capacity to love. Although love comes from within, its real value comes when it radiates outwards and impacts life in a profound and meaningful way. The incredible aspect of love is its ability to take various forms; especially, the form of self-love. Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from honoring our emotions, meeting ourselves with loving-kindness, and engaging in actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. It means taking care of our own needs and not sacrificing our well-being to please others. Self-love means not settling for less than we deserve. Read more>>

Beth Sando Komulainen | Business Development

Showing up, and giving it your all. I believe in life there are so many distractions and you can easily push things aside, reschedule meetings, etc. I am at fault for this in the beginning of my career, however when I started always showing up and giving it my best shot, my business has sky rocketed. Fear, and uncomfortable situations cause us to miss chances and never know what could have been created by just showing up. Read more>>