“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Fishing For Chips | Mitch (Vocals/Rhythm), Daniel (Lead Guitar), Chris (Bassist & Props), Larry (Drummer)

Definitely The Buddy System! In the 1995 film HeavyWeights, we learned that the buddy system is essential, not just at fat camp, but in all walks of life! Buddies are everything to us, without friends and family, we have nothing. Without the buddy system, if you start a band and aren’t best friends, you’re never going to make it. It won’t be a cohesive group if you can’t stand each other. That’s exactly why the band has been able to solider on for the last 4 years, because we’re best friends. Read more>>

Lew Salem | Musician/Producer

I believe that the most important principle to me is balance. We often find ourselves stuck in negative feedback loops because our lives are out of balance: we’re not receiving enough of “x”, so we go overboard with “y.” Finding balance is crucial to sustainability and getting the most out of this life that we’ve got, and for all we know, this is the only shot we got, so I want to experience as much as I can, for as long as I can. Read more>>

Gianina Jimenez | Lifetime Photographer

The Value of Quality Time for my clients matters the most to me. I want each client to walk away from their photo session experience with a smile on their face and with their heart full of happiness! My goal is to create a safe, relaxed and fun experience so that my clients don’t feel stressed or akward while I’m taking their photos! My main goal is to capture the raw natural love and happiness with the human connection. Weather it be a newlyweds, Mama with her kids or any family dynamic! Why does this matter most me me?! Because I receive joy in return of my clients happiness of the Final product! When my clients cry of happiness, it fulfills my purpose! To be their Lifetime Photographer / extended family. Read more>>

Steven and Jennifer Gaughran | Family Podcast Creators

We have two driving values for “The Adventures of Red Knight”: (1) Stories for kids shouldn’t be simple or stupid. (2) From the very beginning we wanted to keep our podcast ad-free; we aren’t comfortable selling things to kids, especially when we have no control over the ads themselves. Read more>>

Preet Srivastava | Artist

Increasing mindfulness between Artist and Audience matters most to me. meaning that the paintings create observation for Artist and Audience. subject matter is of highest importance and to not be controlled by Artist or Audience. meaning it has to come from a higher plane of existence that encompasses reality and research delivered as a painting the Artist is the Observer and the Observer is also the Artist. One does not exist with out the other. what is connection if my soul doesn’t connect to yours. my paintings speak about things that we may or may not see. these days, one of the paintings im working on is from 15 yrs ago, and only now am I understanding what it means. If we agree with the meaning of the painting, then the only difference is that I painted it. sometimes it is something I am scared to say, and Thank God I’m a painter and I can express myself through Art, otherwise I don’t know how I would express myself. At the crossroads of cultural paths, I am finally on time, and in a space where cross pollination is allowed. Read more>>

Rebekah Paredes | Home Bakery Owner and Cookie Artist

A value that matters most to me would be integrity. I love how integrity incorporates so many different moral principles into one word. For me, these principles include: honesty, kindness, service, leadership, respect of self and respect of others, as well as, trust. Integrity is doing the right thing even when no-one is looking. My father is a great example of someone with a strong moral compass and integrity. As a child I watched him lead and direct soldiers as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. As a young adult, I admired his leadership abilities as an executive for a large insurance company. In both cases, he was honest and fair in all of his dealings. He achieved great success in both careers yet always showed humility. Through his example, I developed great desire to live my life with these attributes. When someone speaks my name, I hope they describe me with the same moral principles as many former colleagues, employees, friends, and family describe my father. Read more>>