We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Jus | Hip-Hop Artist

My goals being met, my wife’s safety and happiness, my bills paid, and daily progress being made in my career because all that brings me peace. Read more>>

Phoenix Yang | Designer & Perfumer

To see the world I created inspired by my travels makes people happy, and see what I see. Read more>>

Barbara Freeman | Art Gallery Owner

I love meeting artists, chatting with them, learning their life stories, and hearing more about their work. They are all so interesting and come from so many distinct walks of life. We love bringing diverse, early-career artists to La Jolla. Nothing brings me more joy than giving an artist their first show! We have had quite the wild ride at BFree Studio, the art gallery I opened in Downtown La Jolla last August. So far, we have had 13 shows! We have done nothing but learn and improve and continue looking forward to enhancing the artist’s experience more and more. Opening an art gallery has been the journey, but I love it! Feel free to come by BFree Studio. We have an amazing schedule of exhibitions! Read more>>

AEllis | Seaside Boudoir | Artisan | Author | Photographer

I find that I most enjoy creating. The improvisation and creative problem solving required can be as satisfying as creating a beautiful finished piece of art. Read more>>

Paulina Rodriguez | Photographer and Creative Director

To me, happiness is a feeling that radiates in many aspects of being a photography. It makes me extremely happy to share my photography with fellow creatives in front or behind the camera: to be able to connect and bond over something we are all passionate about, and seeing our hard work come to life through all efforts is an unmatched feeling of joy. It makes me really happy to constantly put my mind and soul into my work, and to use photography as a medium to connect with those around me. Read more>>

Jenny Pham | Woman in STEM & Food Blogger

Food makes me happy! I love traveling and find that food is easiest way to learn more about different cultures as well as people. Some of my best memories are around food–whether it was with friends, family or even strangers. Sharing a meal allows all kinds of people to come together which I really appreciate. Read more>>