We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Alina Guzman | Cosmetologist & CEO Elefante & Co

I come from a very humble and simple family. In my childhood there were never any expensive or luxurious gifts or things. The house where we grew up was made of wood between my parents and my sisters, we all helped.
My grandparents were indigenous to Mexico and I am very proud of that.
So with those references in my adulthood I can tell you that I am happy with very simple things, it makes me happy to see the happiness of others, the smile of children, I enjoy natural places, seeing my children and my family well that makes me happy, waking up healthy makes me happy, thanking God for everything I receive makes me very happy. The best gift I can have in life is success, but let me explain how I define success. Read more>>

Vivian Ferraz | Jewelry Maker & Mathematic

I believe that happiness comes from within, and it does not depend on the outside world or others. So I am constantly filling my heart with little things like a beautiful day, animals playing, the ocean and so on. I give thanks for my accomplishments and I am very grateful for my life. I like to meditate everyday to connect with my inner being. I noticed that this attitude makes me happy most of the time, and on the down moments I cry, pray, and watch funny videos to bring the energy up again. I make myself happy, and when someone else or something else makes me happy is a blessed bonus Read more>>

Luca Gomez | Photographer & Content Creator

Creation and discovery. These are two things that make me incredibly happy. As a photographer who takes mostly landscape photos, I find myself constantly looking to create a composition that has never been shot before. The creation and discovery of a new spot or a new point of view is like a lion hunting for its prey. It gives me drive, motivation, happiness, and even gratitude. Even more than creation and discovery, the simple capturing of a moment in time, the potential that this photo could make somebody else happy is what makes me happy. If I can brighten someones day by them seeing a picture that I took or a video I created, then that’s a job well done Read more>>