We regularly ask our interviewees what makes them happy because at the end of the day, what else really matters? We’ve highlighted some of the responses below.

Ericka Cerezo | community manager

What makes me happy are easy stuff like, spending time with my family, quality time with my friends . Also material things make me happy why not? we are always saying what makes us happy like family, love etc, but we feel guilty if we admit that also material things make us happy , like money, cars, clothes. Read more>>

Lorena Balensi | Health/Wellness Mentor & Small Business Owner

.Throughout my travels and time living in France with my husband, Jean-Michel Balensi, we were always left astonished and amazed with the beautiful scenery and aesthetic. A short time after returning to live in San Diego we excitedly opened our own Mediterranean inspired spa and named it Balensi Spa! With commitment to stay true to our blended culture and love for french treatments such as the Vichy Shower from Vichy, France and the french skincare brands we love and are proud to carry at our Spa. Being able to create a safe space of relaxation for our clients and personally design the space of our Spa with gems from our trip across France is my dream come true therefore, this is what makes me happy every day! Read more>>

Carlos Zatch® | Travel Blogger & Content Creator

Being productive makes me very happy! Serving and contributing positive things to this world makes me extremely complete. I really like to stay active and productive, I’m always looking to learn new things and most importantly, feel full and happy with what I do 🙂 Read more>>