We don’t believe success is random. Over the years we have spoken with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, researchers, athletes, and more. We’ve learned from them – both through their stories and through the advice they’ve shared with us – and it’s quite evident that success is more likely when certain habits are present. So, we decided to ask folks to share their habits with us, especially those that they feel helped them succeed.

Marta Riggins | Strategic Consultant: Employer Brand & Employee Engagement

-Starting my morning by listening to music vs. going on social media/news -Getting outside whenever possible (morning/sunset walks, walk & talk meetings) -Being present and giving part of your time to your community (volunteering at a local organization/at school) -Disconnecting when you go on a vacation (otherwise it’s just remote work) -Connecting with colleagues and people in my networks regularly -Having HARD boundaries with work and ensuring that it doesn’t become all consuming. Your energy needs to be dispersed across all aspects of your life, not just work. Read more>>

Liron Shalom-Hickey | Director of marketing & client relations

I would say consistency and always willing to go above and beyond for our clients. There is nothing more frustrated when you reach out to someone for help or asking them if they can do something and after they said they will do it, they fail in keeping their promise or follow through with what they say they were going to do. This is one of the reasons I believe I was able to build good reputation in my in industry. Read more>>

Tiffany Vogue | Drag Queen

I always found value in an expression I heard long ago. “If you ever want to truly succeed at something, you have to obsess over it.” I’m naturally drawn to hyper focus on anything I’m genuinely interested in. That trait has helped me maintain stamina in this highly competitive industry. I know I’m doing what I love because my habit of obsessing over things that bring me joy has transferred to what I do every day. I rarely need a break, because when I’m working hard it doesn’t feel like work. I wish that for everyone. Read more>>

Kristy Randolph | Co-Founder of Shes In Minks

The habits that helped us become and continue to be successful are personal development, rest, relaxing activities, taking small steps to big goals, building a strong small business network of like minded entrepreneurs, spotting opportunities and reflecting on past mistakes & successes. These personal and business habits were some of the few that helps us stay diligent, continue to scale and service our customers. Ultimately will lead to our brand becoming a household name and go to for Lash Extensions. Read more>>