Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Owen Beim | Freelance Photographer

For me, it was mainly those early morning wake up calls for surf. During the spring through fall seasons, I would wake up at 4:3o AM and drive an hour to Newport Beach to shoot the infamous Wedge whenever there was swell. It was definitely taxing physically and somewhat mentally due to sleep deprivation, but the end result is always worth it. In winter, I always strike mission to Oahu for a week to shoot Pipeline and finally, this past trip, I got the photos I have been dreaming of in perfect 10-15 foot pipeline. Read more>>

Kyra Rosa | Founder of MIJA, Art Director, & Photographer

Being authentic and not letting society dictate how MIJA or I should be represented. Part of the reason MIJA has been so successful is because we aren’t like other brands. We know who we are, what we stand for and what we want other’s to see us as. I will say it’s a lot easier than one might think it is to lose yourself in the shuffle of what society wants you to be. Read more>>

Carlee Krichmar | Founder and Creator of Explore to Heal

I believe the authenticity and passion behind what I do and why I do it is the most important factor behind my success. I didn’t insert myself into the mental health industry because I saw a market for it, I did it because I saw a disturbing gap that I wanted to contribute to filling. I think more people than we realize have some sort of mental health deficit or need that isn’t being met or recognized, and in most cases those individuals don’t know how to help themselves, and there’s a reason for that. Most people aren’t taught from a young age how to show up for themselves or how to be an effective support to someone else. Read more>>

Rose Salo | Owner, Master Aesthetic Injector

This one is easy – our success comes from the quality of our work and our dedication to putting our clients first! Our top priority is that our clients feel completely comfortable and know that they’re being taken care of like they’re our family. We never cut corners at the expense of our client. During cosmetic treatments and mobile IV therapy sessions, we take our time to deliver the most amazing experience possible. Read more>>

Leslie Dultz | Custom Apparel, Tumblers, Window decals, wood signs

God. First and foremost. I give everything to God. When I decided to start FearLes Designs I knew I wanted it to be primarily faith based, I believe in Jesus Christ and everything I have is because of him!!! It it not always easy but I try to keep my eyes on him and everything else will fall into place. Read more>>

Gerry Saucedo | Video Producer

One of the biggest things that sets me and my business apart is that, aside from always striving to do great work and constantly improving my skillset, I genuinely care about my clients and I like to see them as friends. My goal is never to simply do the gig and get paid. I want each and every one of my clients to see huge success, with the help of the videos that I create for them. I’m never “chasing the money”. I want to build and maintain genuine relationships, and make my clients look and feel like rockstars, because I know that when they’re successful, then by extension, I’m successful too. Read more>>

Anthony J. Resta | Multiplatinum awarded Producer/Composer

In creating lasting Art in the most non-generic possible way we help artists find that part of them that highlights all their best qualities. We preserve a philosophy of trying to stand out rather than trying to blend in when it comes to making music. Most of our clients have gone on to do incredible things . some of them have been working with us for decades, There success is our success. Read more>>

Melissa Leonard | Founder of ML Tutoring

Sharing is the most important factor behind the success of ML Tutoring. Referrals from friends, family, past students, and current students are what drive my company and keep ML Tutoring running. ML Tutoring currently has students learning in-person or virtually in 12 different states! This would not be possible without the support I’ve received over the last year and people’s willingness to share our Instagram, write a testimonial on our website, or simply just share our name and our story in conversation when an opportunity to do so arises. Read more>>

Kirby Horrell | U.S. Navy SEAL (retired), Still working as an analyst at the Navy for the Lessons Learned Program. Hot Rod car Builder

One of the basic factors behind my success in life has been to believe in myself. Nothing is impossible if you want to accomplish your personal goals bad enough. You must have the capability of doing anything and everything that I want to do to build a better life for you and your family. Work Smart and be dependable and stay strong. Read more>>