Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Yuksel Balci | Party & concert organizer

Most important this is honesty and self discipline and always doing research Read more>>


The most important factor behind my success is definitely personal connections and referrals. The best example of is working with the legendary Dave Medusa for almost 20 years. He gave me insight into the club scene that lead to many other opportunities. Read more>>

Katherine Muñiz | Fine Art and Mixed Media Artist

A Unique Vision of Being Artistically Different is the Most Important Factor Behind my Success and Brand. “Wait?! Is that 3D?” “Is it sticking out of the painting?” “Wow, it’s so different. I have never seen anything like that.” These are the comments that I hear when my art is on display and art enthusiasts stop, do a double take, and then get really close to my art piece. Whether it is a Spanish Dancer’s dress, a ballerina’s tutu, or a wing of a bird; my unique vision of creating art out of two mediums – paint and twine is what makes me stand out. It catches an eye of an art collector, and they recognize the originality of my artwork and want to explore more. Read more>>

Angel Hacker | General Manager – Indian Motorcycle of San Diego

For me personally, I like to ask myself a question and see if it applies, is growth apparent? Sometimes success is hard to measure, however I like to follow the saying in business there is no neutral gear. In business it’s just like racing, if you’re not moving forward you’re moving backwards, and that couldn’t be more true in our environment. So as long as we’re moving forward in our day to day, and making advancements in our processes, procedures, practices, and talents then we’re making the right moves. So rather then measuring my “success” I like to measure “did I grow? Did that employee grow? Did the department grow into something bigger, or better then it was before?” Read more>>

Chrissy Baclagan | Entrepreneur, Stylist & Personal Style + Fashion Blogger

To me, consistency is key to the survival and longevity of any brand, mine included. Read more>>

Jeanne McKinney | Military journalist and film producer

Success comes with caring and passion for our U.S. military members. I’ve made a determined effort to help Americans know their warriors and heroes on a personal level. They work really hard and endure many harsh and dangerous challenges so we can remain free. Our privileges and rights in America are preserved by those willing to defend them. Their stories are better than any Hollywood movie because they are real. People from all walks of life enter the services and become transformed into extraordinary human beings, leaving legacies to pass on for generations. Read more>>

Yael Levy | Certified Life Coach & Barre Instructor

The combination of my life experience and my education has helped me a lot with success. As a former officer in the Israeli Airforce guiding and training many young soldiers, as a former student, business owner for over 14 years, as a mother, wife, and more, I grew to understand that if life isn’t well lived or balanced, it will not be lived to it’s maximum potential. I was very motivated to find a way to balance out life to be grounded and have time for everything in my life. During my coaching course, I was fortunate to find techniques and was able to coach myself and others. Read more>>

Mark Raines | Speaker, Teacher, Bodybuilder

Faith, family, and perseverance are the most important factors of any success I have achieved. I have been through a lot in the past eleven years: a neurological speech problem that made it hard to say simple words as I continued my career as a high school television and film production teacher, navigating the Parkinson’s medication that now controls my speech since 2011 and the continuous side effects that impact my sleep and daily life, taking a leave of absence from work in San Diego in 2018 to move in with my parents in North Carolina to help my father care for my mother as she fought ovarian cancer, losing my dad unexpectedly during that time due to complications from surgery, then resigning my job to care full time for Mom the last year of her life, and after she died, being stranded for a year in my parents’ home alone in rural NC during Covid. Through every trial I have been through, God has given me the strength and courage to persevere. Read more>>

Lisa Davis | Freelance Graphic Designer & Owner | Rockfish Design Studio

The success of my business is largely based on one important factor – I like working with clients who are GOOD people. I’ve always believed that being a good, genuine human being goes a long way. This can be applied in many different aspects of life, especially in a work setting. I never fully knew how to explain that factor that existed about me and my business in the right words, until a few months ago when I had a phone interaction with a customer service rep who was very helpful and pleasant. (Which, as we all know, is not always the case for those phone calls.) We were saying goodbye and I thanked him for his kindness and patience with my questions. His response was “Well you’re a good, polite human… and that goes a long way these days.” Read more>>

Fernanda Brandini | Keratin Treatment Specialist

I definitely believe that the success of the Brazilian Keratin Bar is because I truly care about my clients as a person. I see them all as party of my family and they can feel that. Read more>>