We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Koy Suntichotinun | Lettering Artist & Illustrator

The question of, “What I want my legacy to be” haunts me all the time. I came from a family that was really intense about success and with that, I hold a lot of my self worth on notoriety. This toxic mentality of “clout” is something I fight with everyday. Living in the age of information, I have so many resources at hand and I see so many ways to be successful, that sometimes I lose touch of why I love making art in the first place because I’m clouded by following the latest trends. I’m constantly fighting against my own toxicity of being trendy because I want to be remembered for being a person that stuck to what he loved to do regardless of popularity, and made timeless works from just being himself. Read more>>

June Freedom | Recording Artist & Entrepreneur

I want people to remember me for being true to myself, for not following the trends and for creating my own path. Since I was a child, it was my dream to introduce the Cape Verdean culture to the main stream world. Not just the music, but the food and the beauty of visiting my country as well, this will be my legacy. Read more>>

Emily Zamora | Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer

I would love to and strive to be remembered for being a good friend. Someone who was there for you, did what they could to help you out and make you feel loved and valued always. I love being able to incorporate this in my business and utilize it when working with my clients. I work to have them feel like their special memories and moments are being captured by someone who truly cares about who they are- like a best friend. Also being able to be the one that creates something for them that lasts forever and can be revisited and enjoyed over and over is a pretty great thing to be trusted with. Read more>>

John Burd | Entrepreneur

My mantra is to find natural solutions to big healthcare problems. I believe that we can wipe out type 2 diabetes in a decade without any R&D. I want people to remember that I cared about the health of others and worked hard to find products to help them. Read more>>