We asked some of the most inspiring folks we know to tell us what they are inspired by.

Celina Valdez | Visual Artist

Language, as spoken by the human body, is to a great degree inspirational to me. Hands can talk for a person even before a sound even leaves the mouth. Subconsciously, we do a substantial amount of communicating without consideration. Attempts to distinguish differences between genders, with regards to non-verbal communication norms, stimulates in me an intrigue. The polarized “feminine” vs. “masculine” differences in body language are contrastingly pitted under the examination of the sensual side of femininity. The empowerment that the freedom of sensual/sexual expression endows is then the vernacular that I wish to convey in my current photographic work, translating it without a filter of subordination. Read more>>

Suchada Eickemeyer | Interior Designer & Business Owner

I am really inspired by women who came before me to open their own businesses. I’m fortunate to have a number of good friends who have done this, and there is something so powerful about how they took the leap to make their own path. Even the ones who tried it out and it didn’t work for them, I think is amazing. Anyone who starts a business has to give up the safety and comfort of a regular paycheck and letting someone else worry about the direction of the business. It’s really scary! I couldn’t have done it without seeing others first. I really want to be badass like them. Read more>>

Kristin Morrison | Artist, Natural Dyer, Designer

I am inspired by our children. They are the bearers of light and are the ones who have true capacity for changing the world. Pretty much all that I do is inspired by the future generations of all species here on earth: our human babies, the ocean, plant life, the land on which we reside. I am inspired by love, authenticity, and beauty. Music, art, dance, nature, surfing, activism, friends and family all stoke my fire. Read more>>

Summer Darling | Makeup Artist

I am inspired by all forms of art and creativity. I believe everyone has something special to offer. It is such an inspiration to experience another’s perspective through their art. It allows me to dive deeper as an artist. Read more>>

Blaine Mazzett | Reggae Singer, Songwriter and Drummer

I find inspiration in my surroundings. I am from Rincon Indian Reservation located at the foot of Palomar mountain in North County San Diego. It s a beautiful place with amazing views, rich history and vibrant community. I am inspired to write songs based on the sights, the history, the community and the culture. I also love to incorporate the Native Language (Cham’Teela) into my themes. I also find inspiration in stories of the past and the lessons they teach us as we move into the future. Reggae music of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s is also one of my greatest influences. In particular the sound of Channel One studio and the Roots Radics band. Read more>>