Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Ajarina Aja” Hitomi | Photographer”

When I think of taking a risk immediately the first question I think of is, ” will I fail ?” I think most people feel the same way about risk taking since it inherently can have a negative connotation to it. This is why going full time and starting my own business was very scary for me. I’ve always worked a full time job since I was 18, but when I started photography I knew instantly that it was my calling to do this as my career. Read more>>

Michael Chagala | Founder and CEO – Rank Harvest SEO

People tend to see risk only in terms of change; make a change to your life and risk of failure looms overhead. What they don’t see is the equal risk in doing nothing. Doing nothing gives a false sense of security, that somehow with a world changing all around, that continuing to do what you’ve always done will continue to bring success. Read more>>

Raven Keiara | Actress

Taking risks is tricky because you never know what the outcome will be. I know in the entertainment industry taking risks is either a hit or a miss. I currently attend a conservatory school for the arts called Amazing Grace Conservatory and it really focuses on theatre. Read more>>

Hilary Lankford | Singer/ Songwriter

SD Voyager Risk taking: how do you think about risk, what role has taking risks played in your life/career? Risk is a funny thing that has a lot of components to it. As a kid, there are a million things that I said not only that I wanted to do, but that I was going to do as an adult. One thing that you don’t realize as a kid is that so many things as an adult come down to money, time and will. Read more>>

Wes Watson | Cane Corso Breeder/Trainer

I think any small business is a risk. At the same time I didn’t begin this with a business in mind. I started it because I love dogs and specifically love the Cane Corso breed. When I did decide to go all in the biggest risk with a dog is that it may never turn out to be that one that goes all the way. The one that wins the biggest show in the country or any show at all. With dogs you have to take the risk of picking them at a young age 5-6 weeks old. Read more>>

Melissa Ho | Lifestyle & Motherhood Content Creator

I’m taking a different spin on this question. As a micro influencer and content creator, it can be hard putting yourself out there. You are constantly battling with yourself and your insecurities that tell you not to post or make you wonder what people will think. It wasn’t until I stopped caring and finally taking those small risks and I was able to develop my Instagram into content creation. Each and every post posed a risk for myself, my mental health, and my confidence. Read more>>

Joel Daniel | Professional Bagpiper and Freelance Musician

Risk is essential for growth. Without growth, comfort, complacency, and atrophy set in. Once those takes root, your comfort zone becomes the place where your dreams and aspirations go to die. You need to train yourself to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Risk also needs to be balanced with reward. If the reward isn’t worth the risk, then you are simply being foolhardy. Read more>>

Rob Hann | Photographer/Artist

I guess risk taking has been an integral part of my life. I’ve always been drawn to adventure rather than more conventional paths. I’ve taken leaps of faith throughout my life which have led me to where I am now. I’ve consistently tried to avoid boredom and that’s involved taking risks which have always paid off… so far! Read more>>