Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Adya Roy | PM | Content Creator

Risks have been my middle name through my career. My initial plan was to go into Manufacturing as a WOC. I wanted to fight against the patriarchy, call out racism and sexism in the workplace, all as a recent immigrant. Read more>>

Millan Andreoli Kononitz | Entrepreneur

In the past, I have been hesitant when it comes to risk because I associated it with a high likelihood of failure. But, in the last few years, I have shifted my idea of what risk means to me. Read more>>

Brad Alexander | Cinematographer & Documentary Director

I think for me, I wouldn’t have any real milestone accomplishments without having taken risks. It can be hard to grow and master your craft if you play things too safe. I just try to calculate those risks as best as I can. I figure it’s either going to pay off in the way of a victory, or i’m going to learn something and adapt if it doesn’t go how I think it will, both can be valuable. Read more>>

Miguel Ortiz | Hoops413 Owner & Basketball Coach

Life is all about taking risks. If I had never taken the risk to start my basketball camp, I would have never been able to enjoy the journey that it has taken me on. I have always been a big risk-taker. Read more>>

Michaela and Jirka | Environmentalists, educators, eco content creators

Definitely a lot. Given we both studied for many years to get university degrees and succeeded and then gave it all up tells it all. However, there is also importance of risking with a plan in mind. Read more>>

Ramon Payne | Entrepreneur

I moved to Los Angeles from Washington, DC, 7 years ago, and everyone who knew me thought I was crazy, because, as Stephen Covey, put it, Danger in the Comfort Zone, it was, living in DC and doing very well, I must say in my profession and being prolific as a playboy around town. Read more>>

Christopher Nez | Photographer & Videographer

I believe that risk taking is always going to be a huge role for anyone that is starting up their business. The feeling of not knowing what the outcome will be or even if your business is going to succeed can make you scared or even quit from the get go. Read more>>

Ivan Lucas | Restauranteur

I believe risk is primordial, risk seems to be at every corner. I believe that risk takes a life of its own in my day to day and through out my life and my career.
In my personal life, I first interacted with risk though my first born daughter Natalia. Read more>>